Real Food Nutrition for Kids

by Kristen Michaelis Author

Do you want: To teach your younger children about Real Food? To use child-friendly lessons inspired by the same love of wholesome, traditional foods that you find in the cookbook Nourishing Traditions, the work of Weston A. Price, the Slow Food movement, and farmer's markets everywhere? To avoid the twaddle put out by the USDA which features their sub-par Nutrition standards? A beautiful book full of fun illustrations, coloring pages, and activities for younger children? Real Food Nutrition FOR KIDS! contains 15 simple and easy to understand lessons written for the elementary aged child. Each lesson includes a creative & fun coloring page relevant to the topic discussed, copywork pages in both print and cursive, as well as activities including puzzles, sorting games, & more.

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Suggested Grades
1st - 5th


  • 1 How Your Body Uses Food
  • 2 What Are Nutrients?
  • 3 What Is Real Food?
  • 4 Industrial vs. Real Food
  • 5 Healthy Fats
  • 6 Healthy Meats
  • 7 Healthy Dairy
  • 8 Healthy Seafood
  • 9 Healthy Vegetables and Fruits
  • 10 Living & Fermented Foods
  • 11 Superfoods
  • 12 Grains & Legumes
  • 13 Bone Broths
  • 14 Sweeteners
  • 15 Know Your Food

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