The Lewis and Clark Expedition Coloring Book (Dover History Coloring Book)

by Peter F. Copeland Author

(From Amazon): On May 14, 1804, Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark — accompanied by an intrepid band of skilled hunters and gunsmiths — set off up the Missouri River to explore a vast wilderness of 825,000 square miles purchased from the French. In this historic coloring book, 45 accurate, precisely rendered illustrations recapture highpoints of expedition.


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In Print
Suggested Grades
1st - 8th
Geographical Setting
American West
Historical Setting
1803 - 1806
Dover Publications


  • 1 Signing the Louisiana Purchase Agreement in Paris, April 30, 1803
  • 2 Lewis and Clark set sail
  • 3 Members of the Expedition
  • 4 At the French riverside village of St. Charles
  • 5 Often the explorers had to drag the boats through strong currents
  • 6 Beavers on the banks of the Missouri River
  • 7 The burial of Sgt. Floyd
  • 8 First council with the Great Plains Indians
  • 9 Captain Clark carried to an Indian village
  • 10 Leader of the Dog Band of Hidatsa warriors
  • 11 Assiniboine Indians
  • 12 Elk along the Missouri River
  • 13 A hunting party of Sioux warriors
  • 14 Indian warfare
  • 15 Returning to Fort Mandan from a buffalo hunt
  • 16 The explorers passed the hard winter at Fort Mandan
  • 17 Indian medicine sign for buffalo
  • 18 Explorers join the Indians in a buffalo hunt
  • 19 The Indians meet a black man
  • 20 Mounted Blackfoot warrior
  • 21 Buffalo Dance of the Mandan Indians
  • 22 Sacajawea, or "Bird Woman"
  • 23 Three French trappers accompany the expedition to the Yellowstone River
  • 24 Sergeant Ordway
  • 25 Encounters with dangerous animals
  • 26 Meriweather Lewis' first view of the Rocky Mountains
  • 27 Lewis saved the life of Richard Windsor
  • 28 A herd of bighorn sheep
  • 29 The explorers set out overland to pass the Great Falls of the Missouri
  • 30 Members of a Piegan Indian war party
  • 31 Interior of a Mandan Indian hut
  • 32 The explorers camped opposite the forks of the Missouri
  • 33 Captain Clark taking a position sight with his brass-bound compass
  • 34 Captain William Clark meet the Shoshoni Chief Cameahwait
  • 35 In the Bitteroot Mountain Range
  • 36 Running the Short Narrows of the Columbia River
  • 37 A village of the Colville Indians near Kettle Falls on the Columbia River
  • 38 Sighting Mount Hood
  • 39 The explorers met Chinook Indians
  • 40 The explorers first view of the Pacific Ocean
  • 41 A fight between expedition members and a party of Piegan warriors
  • 42 The expedition returns to Mandan Indian country
  • 43 Captain Lewis shot in the leg while hunting in North Dakota
  • 44 The boats of the Lewis and Clark expedition reach the little village of La Charette, near St. Charles
  • 45 Silhouette Portraits of Lewis and Clark

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