Anatomy Notebooking Journal (Young Explorer Series)

by Jeannie K. Fulbright Author

(From Amazon): Brighten your child's learning experience with this companion to the award-winning Young Explorer Series. Notebooking enables kids to personalize and capture what they have learned in an artful keepsake, and this journal makes science more fun than ever! This Apologia notebooking journal includes: Lesson plans to help you schedule reading and activities. Fun and imaginative design to inspire your child's thought and creativity. Scripture copy work to develop handwriting while helping kids hide the Word of God in their hearts. Vocabulary crosswords, an entertaining way to reinforce terminology. Full-color mini books that highlight key concepts in a hands-on approach. Field trip sheets to help students record their observations. Additional projects, experiments, and reading suggestions that encourage kids to dig deeper. Spiral binding that makes each journal remarkably easy to use. "As a mom, I love having a schedule and having everything all together. Just being able to grab the notebooking journal and get to work is great!" Parent "Your notebooking journals are a Godsend. These pages have helped my son focus, and now he's learning that he's more creative than he thought." Parent "Our son still goes back and looks fondly at his completed notebooking journal--six months later!" Parent "Your notebooking journals are far superior to anything we've used before. They are well worth the money." Parent

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6th - 8th
Apologia Educational Ministries


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