Exploring Creation With Botany Text and Journal

by Jeannie K Fulbright Author

(From Amazon): This book begins with a lesson on the nature of botany and the process of classifying plants. It then discusses the development of plants from seeds, the reproduction processes in plants, the way plants make their food, and how plants get their water and nutrients and distribute them throughout the body of the plant. As students study these topics, they also learn about many different kinds of plants in creation and where they belong in the plant classification system. The activities and projects use easy-to-find household items and truly make the lessons come alive! They include making a "light hut" in which to grow plants, dissection of a bean seed, growing seeds in plastic bags to watch the germination process, making a leaf skeleton, observing how plants grow towards light, measuring transpiration, forcing bulbs to grow out of season, and forcing pine cones to open and close. We recommend that you spend the entire school year covering this book, devoting approximately two sessions per week to the course. Please note that many of the activities and projects in this book are long-term with results that can take several days to observe. Thus, you will have to be flexible in how you schedule your time. -Apologia Educational Ministries, Inc.


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  • 1 What is Botany
  • 2 Seeds
  • 3 Flowers
  • 4 Pollination
  • 5 Fruits
  • 6 Leaves
  • 7 Roots
  • 8 Stems
  • 9 Trees
  • 10 Gymnosperms
  • 11 Seedless Vascular Plants
  • 12 Nonvascular Plants
  • 13 Nature Journalling

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