Earlybird Kindergarten Mathematics Textbook A (Standards Edition)

by Yeap Ban Har Author

(From Amazon): a comprehensive, activity-based program designed to provide kindergarten students with a strong foundation in mathematics. Aligned with the Mathematics Framework for California Public Schools, the program aims to prepare young students for subsequent stages of mathematical thinking. In the Textbook, mathematical concepts are developed in a systematic, engaging and fun way. Hands-on tasks, meaningful activities and attractive illustrations rich in mathematical content engage students' active participation in the learning process. The series also provides easy-to-follow guidance in various forms to allow for meaningful intervention by both parents and teachers. Features of the Earlybird Kindergarten Standards Edition Textbooks: * Every unit comprises several lessons, each with a focused learning outcome * The Big Book icon provides quick and easy reference to the corresponding Big Book * Detailed teaching notes at the bottom of the pages provide guidelines to help teachers develop lessons and concepts systematically * The Concrete> Pictorial>Abstract approach enables students to encounter math in a meaningful way through concrete activities before progressing to pictorial and abstract representations * New mathematical concepts are introduced through a spiral progression that builds on concepts already taught and mastered * Structured activities help to consolidate the mathematical concepts taught * The pencil icon provides quick and easy reference from the Textbook to the relevant Activity Book pages * Review pages at the end of each assess the students' mastery of key learning objectives * Math at Home activities in tear-out sheets provide opportunities for meaningful family involvement in the students' learning process. Detailed, step-by-step instructions for parents are provided in the teaching notes


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Resource Type
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In Print
Suggested Grades
Early Years - 1st
Marshall Cavendish Education


  • 1 Match & Sort
  • 2 Numbers to 5
  • 3 Numbers to 10
  • 4 Order
  • 5 Shapes
  • 6 Patterns
  • 7 Length and Size
  • 8 Weight
  • 9 Capacity
  • 10 Compare Sets

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