Phontastic Spelling Tactics

by Joelle Grubb Author

Phontastic Spelling Tactics uses phonics as its base to teach and reinforce spelling to children from the age of 9 and up. It’s activities are many and varied all the while underpinned by the spelling rules. The rules are taught clearly and put into practice through copywork, dictation and spelling exercises. Lessons are short and to the point. The carefully selected copywork passages aim to utilise words and rules that have been taught in other lessons, and are taken from a variety of literature ranging in interest from science, history, fiction, classic novels and even old fashioned recipes! Recommended for children who have completed a formal phonics program, are reading well but need further practice with the rules to continue to reinforce spelling. Also good for children who have not learned to read or spell using a phonics based program, but are too old to start one. Or just for older students who still need practice in spelling, but are bored with lists and traditional style spelling programs.

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Suggested Grades
3rd - 12th
Geographical Setting
Australia and New Zealand
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  • 1 Vowel suffixes and silent e words
  • 2 Consonant suffixes and silent e words
  • 3 Silent e rule 1: words ending in v & u
  • 4 Silent e rule 2: words ending in c & g
  • 5 Silent e rule 3: e lets vowels say their long sound
  • 6 Silent e rule 4: every syllable must have a vowel
  • 7 Doubling When Adding Suffixes
  • 8 Working with the Rules; Review
  • 9 When c or g are followed by e, i or y
  • 10 q and u together
  • 11 Vowels at the end of a syllable
  • 12 i and y; adding suffixes to words ending in y
  • 13 Working with the Rules
  • 14 Working with the Rules
  • 15 Sounds that follow w, wh and qu
  • 16 Working with the Rules; Review
  • 17 Working with the Rules; Rules for x
  • 18 Rules for x; Review
  • 19 Using ay and ai; oy and oi
  • 20 More sounds like 'ay'
  • 21 i before e rule
  • 22 Working with the Rules
  • 23 Using ou and ow
  • 24 si says sh
  • 25 tch and ch
  • 26 using igh
  • 27 using dge and ge
  • 28 The ending es; Contractions; Its and It's
  • 29 Working with the Rules; Words ending in F
  • 30 Review; How r changes things
  • 31 Working with the Rules; Prefixes
  • 32 The suffix ity
  • 33 Here There and Everywhere
  • 34 able and ible
  • 35 Working with the Rules
  • 36 The or suffix

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