The Golden Goblet [SCM]

by Eloise Jarvis McGraw (Author)

Ranofer discovers a golden goblet that he knows must have been stolen from one of the tombs. He and his two friends set out to reveal the crime and prove the thief's guilt.

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In Print
Suggested Grades
4th - 12th
Geographical Setting
Puffin Books


  • 1 Chapter 1
  • 2 Chapter 2
  • 3 Chapter 3
  • 4 Chapter 4
  • 5 Chapter 5
  • 6 Chapter 6
  • 7 Chapter 7
  • 8 Chapter 8
  • 9 Chapter 9
  • 10 Chapter 10
  • 11 Chapter 11
  • 12 Chapter 12
  • 13 Chapter 13
  • 14 Chapter 14
  • 15 Chapter 15
  • 16 Chapter 16

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Great story

Reviewed by Parent/Teacher

Another read aloud for our family. This story truly grabs the readers attention and stirs the heartstrings for Ranofer, the main character. It is well written and engaging. My girls and I found ourselves cheering as the plot of the story intensifies. We experienced many emotions as we read through this well written book. At times were discussing the events of the story long after we'd put the book down for the day. I highly recommend this book as a family read aloud. I've added it to our personal library... I've no doubt it will be picked up again for individual reading in t