Adventures in Odyssey Golden Audio Series No. 06 - Terrific Tales, Mysterious Missions

by AIO Team Author

These digitally remastered collections—available for the first time on CD—include bonus tracks, fun facts, and behind-the-scenes details! A fun-filled, full-color insert includes the following: original notes of the writers, never-before-heard stories from the recording studio, and a coupon for other Adventures in Odyssey products. This album's episodes will take you from the discovery of a hidden treasure chest to a hair-raising voyage in the Imagination Station.Volume 6 contains the following episodes (and themes): The Ill-Gotten Deed (sibling rivalry) The Treasure of Le Monde! (consequences of greed) The Price of Freedom (history: the Vietnam war) That's Not Fair! (true meaning of fairness) Good Business (being conscientious) An Encounter with Mrs. Hooper (reconciliation) A Prisoner for Christ (forgiveness, the book of Philemon) A Mission for Jimmy (importance of missions) Rescue from Manatugo Point (relying on God in difficult times) Operation: DIGOUT (witnessing) Elijah 1 & 2 (the power of faith, reliance on God)


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Resource Type
Radio Drama
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In Print
Tyndale Entertainment


  • 1 The Price Of Freedom
  • 2 Good Business
  • 3 Heatwave
  • 4 But, You Promised
  • 5 A Prisoner For Christ
  • 6 Elijah, Part I
  • 7 Elijah, Part II
  • 8 That's Not Fair
  • 9 A Mission For Jimmy
  • 10 The Ill-Gotten Deed
  • 11 Rescue From Manatugo Point
  • 12 Operation: Digout
  • 13 The Treasure Of LeMonde

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