Adventures in Odyssey Golden Audio Series No. 07 - On Thin Ice

by AIO Team Author

These digitally remastered collections—available for the first time on CD—include bonus tracks, fun facts, and behind-the-scenes details! A fun-filled, full-color insert includes the following: original notes of the writers, never-before-heard stories from the recording studio, and a coupon for other Adventures in Odyssey products. What are friends for? In this collection of super stories, the Odyssey gang learns some hard-won lessons about friends, foes, and a whole lot more. Volume 7 contains the following episodes (and themes): Isaac, the Insecure (self-image) The Very Best of Friends (anger) The Reluctant Rival (competition and sacrifice) Monty's Christmas (the impact of divorce) The Visitors (compassion) The Barclay Ski Vacation (adolescent crushes) Ice-Fishing (sibling rivalry) Scattered Seeds (parable of the sower) Front Page News (responsibility) Isaac, the Courageous (bravery) Lincoln 1 & 2 (the Civil War)


Additional Details

Resource Type
Radio Drama
Print Status
In Print
Tyndale Entertainment


  • 1 Thanksgiving At Home
  • 2 One Bad Apple
  • 3 The Very Best of Friends
  • 4 The Reluctant Rival
  • 5 Monty's Christmas
  • 6 The Visitors
  • 7 The Barclay Family Ski Vacation
  • 8 Ice Fishing
  • 9 Scattered Seeds
  • 10 Lincoln, Part I
  • 11 Lincoln, Part II
  • 12 Isaac The Insecure
  • 13 Front Page News
  • 14 Isaac The Courageous

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