In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood [SCM]

by Walt Brown Author

Not necessarily a living book, but the information it presents about Creation and the Flood is fascinating and valuable.

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10th - 12th
Center for Scientific Creation
Seventh Edition


  • 1 Life Sciences
  • 2 Astronomical and Physical Sciences
  • 3 Earth Sciences
  • 4 The Hydroplate Theory: An Overview
  • 5 The Origin of Oceanic Trenches
  • 6 Liquefaction: The Origin of Strata and Layered Fossils
  • 7 The Origin of Limestone
  • 8 Frozen Mammoths
  • 9 The Origin of Comets
  • 10 The Origin of Asteroids and Meteoroids
  • 11 How Can the Study of Creation Be Scientific?
  • 12 Have New Scientific and Mathematical Tools Detected Adam and Eve?
  • 13 Because We See Galaxies Billions of Light-Years Away, Isn't the Universe Billions of Years Old?
  • 14 Are Some Meteorites from Mars?
  • 15 How Old Do Evolutionists Say the Universe Is?
  • 16 What Was Archaeopteryx?
  • 17 How Accurate Is Radiocarbon Dating?
  • 18 Is There Life in Outer Space?
  • 19 What about the Dinosaurs?
  • 20 Did It Rain before the Flood?
  • 21 How Could Saltwater and Freshwater Fish Survive the Flood?
  • 22 How Was the Earth Divided in Peleg's Day?
  • 23 Did the Flood Last 40 Days and 40 Nights?
  • 24 Is the Hydroplate Theory Consistent with the Bible?
  • 25 Did a Water Canopy Surround Earth and Contribute to the Flood?
  • 26 If God Made Everything, Who Made God?
  • 27 How Did Human 'Races' Develop?
  • 28 According to the Bible, When Was Adam Created?
  • 29 Is There a Large Gap of Time between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2?
  • 30 Isn't Evolution Compatible with the Bible?
  • 31 Does the New Testament Support Genesis 1-11?
  • 32 How Can Origins Be Taught in High School or College?
  • 33 What Are the Social Consequences of Evolution?
  • 34 How Can I Become Involved in This Issue?
  • 35 How Do Evolutionists Respond to What You Say?
  • 36 How Do You Respond to Common Claims of Evolutionists?
  • 37 Why Don't Creationists Publish in Leading Science Journals?
  • 38 What Additional Reading Do You Recommend?

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Superb scientific support of Creationism

Reviewed by Parent/Teacher

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Walt Brown's credentials are impeccable. The information contained in this book is very convincing and provides excellent scientific support for Creationism. It deals with many difficult questions, such as why we can see stars that are "billions of light years away" if the universe isn't billions of years old. I found some of the information, such as the extended discussions of sedimentary layers, to be overwhelming to this non-scientist, but it's obviously well-researched. Those who love Science will be fascinated by this book.

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