The Return of Tarzan: The Adventures of Lord Greystoke

by Edgar Rice Burroughs Author

(From Amazon): The adventure continues across two continents as Tarzan travels back to England, where he becomes embroiled in royal intrigue and espionage. Later, returning to his African jungle home, he is proclaimed leader of the Waziri tribe--and told about a fabulous lost city full of treasure ruled by a beautiful priestess. The priestess falls in love with Tarzan, but he cares only for his fiancée, the American beauty Jane Porter--and when she's kidnapped by a dangerous tribe of apelike men, Tarzan must use all his powers as king of the jungle to rescue her.

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Suggested Grades
6th - 12th
Fall River


  • 1 The Affair on the Liner
  • 2 Forging Bonds of Hate and ----?
  • 3 What Happened in the Rue Maule
  • 4 The Countess Explains
  • 5 The Plot That Failed
  • 6 A Duel
  • 7 The Dancing Girl of Sidi Aissa
  • 8 The Fight in the Desert
  • 9 Numa "El Adrea"
  • 10 Through the Valley of the Shadow
  • 11 John Caldwell, London
  • 12 Ships That Pass
  • 13 The Wreck of the "Lady Alice"
  • 14 Back to the Primitive
  • 15 From Ape to Savage
  • 16 The Ivory Raiders
  • 17 The White Chief of the Waziri
  • 18 The Lottery of Death
  • 19 The City of Gold
  • 20 La
  • 21 The Castaways
  • 22 The Treasure Vaults of Opar
  • 23 The Fifty Frightful Men
  • 24 How Tarzan Came Again to Opar
  • 25 Through the Forest Primeval
  • 26 The Passing of the Ape-Man

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