The Story of King Arthur and His Knights (AO Weeks)

by Howard Pyle Author

A retelling of the legends of King Arthur, Merlin, Excalibur, and the Round Table.

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In Print
Suggested Grades
7th - 12th
Geographical Setting
Historical Setting
500 - 542
First in Pyle's King Arthur series


  • AO 1 Prologue
  • AO 1 Uther-Pendragon taketh to wife the Lady Igraine
  • AO 2 Concerning the birth and perils of the young child
  • AO 2 King Uther dieth according to the prophecy of Merlin
  • AO 2 The Archbishop of Canterbury advises with Merlin
  • AO 3 Merlin prepares a test of Kinghood
  • AO 3 How Sir Kay Did Combat
  • AO 4 How Arthur Twice Performed the Miracle of the Sword
  • AO 4 How Several Kings and High Dukes Assayed to Draw the Sword
  • AO 4 How There Came a Certain Wounded Knight Unto the Court
  • AO 5 How King Arthur Fought with the Sable Knight
  • AO 5 How King Arthur Found a Noble Sword
  • AO 6 How King Arthur Went to Tintagalon
  • AO 6 How King Ryence Came to Cameliard
  • AO 6 How King Arthur Encountered Four Knights
  • AO 7 How the Four Knights Served the Lady Guinevere
  • AO 7 How King Arthur Overcame the Enemies
  • AO 8 How King Arthur Was Wedded in Royal State
  • AO 8 How Queen Morgana le Fay Meditated Evil
  • AO 8 How Merlin Journeyed with Vivien
  • AO 9 How Queen Morgana le Fay Returned to Camelot
  • AO 9 What Befell Sir Accalon
  • AO 10 How Queen Guinevere Went a-Maying
  • AO 10 How Sir Pellias Overcame a Red Knight
  • AO 10 How Sir Pellias Did Battle with Sir Engamore
  • AO 11 How Queen Guinevere Quarrelled with Sir Gawaine
  • AO 11 How Sir Gawaine Met Sir Pellias
  • AO 11 How the Lady of the Lake Took Back Her Necklace
  • AO 12 How a White Hart Appeared before King Arthur
  • AO 12 How King Arthur Became Lost in the Forest
  • AO 12 How King Arthur Overcame the Knight-Enchanter

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