A Question of Yams: A Missionary Story Based on True Events

by Gloria Repp Author

(From Amazon): Praise for A Question of Yams:"My favorite thing is how the author expresses the important ideas in this story so skillfully and yet so simply." ~A Customer"Great book, I love reading this to my kids. It's a pretty easy read, larger print and not too long . . . a gem." ~simerinlOverview:Kuri knows that spirits make the yams grow.But his father prays to the God of the Bible.Will the yams fail? Will they taste bitter? More 5-Star Reviews:"I loved the pencil-sketch illustrations. It made me feel like I was right there in the bush with Kuri." A Customer "Simple and wonderful . . . About simple faith, simple confrontation with evil spirits, and God's faithfulness." ~L. Vaughn **Don't miss this story of courage and trust - children love it! **Other books by Gloria Repp:**If you're looking for more easy-to-read chapter books, Pibbin the Small and The Story Shell follow the adventures of a brave little treefrog named Pibbin. Illustrated. Both books are available as eBooks, with added color photos.  **If your middle grade child enjoys mysteries, The Secret of the Golden Cowrie and Trouble at Silver Pines Inn happen in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, and The Mystery of the Indian Carvings takes place on a Canadian island. **Do your children like to read about dogs? Airplanes? The three-part series, Adventures of an Arctic Missionary, stars a beautiful husky named Mik-shrok. Search for Mik-shrok, or Charlie, or 77 Zebra.


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In Print
Suggested Grades
3rd - 5th


  • 1 Waiting
  • 2 The Head Men
  • 3 The Shadow
  • 4 A Small Red Mark
  • 5 Too Dry
  • 6 God's Carving
  • 7 The Story of Job
  • 8 Bitter Yams?

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