TruthQuest History Guide- Beginnings: Creation / Old Testament / Ancients / Egypt

by Michelle Miller Author

(From Amazon): * Ah, the Grand Unveiling of human the Lord God Almighty creates the cosmos, and then His image! The Bible will tell us its story! * We will explore the thrilling plans God set into motion when He placed man and woman as His servants on this planet, and we will see those plans shape history. Your students will see that they are next in the chain of God's work on earth! We will also probe some of the great questions of life, such as why God allowed suffering to occur. * Our focus will be on God revealing Himself to the world through the Israelites and the writing of the Old Testament. We will then meet (and compare) neighboring civilizations which intersected with Israel, such as Sumer, Babylon, Egypt, Assyria, Hittites, Phoenicia, the Canaanites/Philistines, and proto-Greeks. We will even nod to the founding of Rome, but will study Greece and Rome in depth in the TruthQuest History guides dedicated to the deep exploration of those important civilizations. * Young earth or old earth? We have three simple answers. 1) Remember that in TruthQuest History: Beginnings we are watching God set His plans into motion on earth; we will be awed; we will tackle the biggest questions of life. 2) With that as our mission, we do not also emphasize the scientific issues of fossils, dating, geology, etc., but will assist you in seeking your preferred experts in those fields if you feel led to such study. 3) This guide seeks to exalt the inerrant Word of God as we dazzle your children with the Lord's reality, splendor, rightness, omnipotence, and goodness. Families of varying persuasions on Earth's age can thus unite in enjoying these transcendent explorations! * Ideally for Grades 5-12, but younger siblings can participate. Includes book recommendations for all ages, where available.


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5th - 12th
TruthQuest History/ThinkWrite, LLC


  • 1 "And so we begin..."
  • 2 Starting from the Top! (ThinkWrite 1: "What is history?")
  • 3 Let's Get Down-or Rather, Up-to the Truth!
  • 4 Day One...Numero Uno!
  • 25 Mankind in a "Boatload" of Trouble! Noah and the Ark
  • 28 Big Man: Abram/Abraham
  • 29 Abraham's Neighbors: Mesopotamia/Sumet/Ur/Early Assyria/Minoans
  • 29a General Overview
  • 29b Hammurabi
  • 29c Epic of Gilgamesh and Other Literature
  • 29d Leonard Woolley's Excavation of Ur
  • 29e Minoan Civilization
  • 30 Back to the Action: Abram, a Mysterious Priest, and War
  • 31 Promise, Fire, and Blood!
  • 32 Unintended Promise, Fire, and Blood!
  • 33 Life Promised and Death Realized: Sodom & Gomorrah
  • 34 Life Promised and Life Realized: Hagar, Ishmael, and Issac
  • 34a Isaac is Born
  • 34b Mycenateans
  • 35 Life Realized...and Life Tested: Isaac on the Altar
  • 36 Life's Generations: Death of Sarah and Abraham, Arrival of Rebekah, Esau, and Jacob
  • 37 Jacob: His Deception and His Dream
  • 38 Jacob: His Dilemma and His Descendants
  • 39 Jacob: His Departure and His Dread
  • 40 Jacob's Son, Joseph
  • 41 Joseph's Egypt (Part I: Culture of Ancient Egypt)(ThinkWrite 4: Big questions and big answers!")
  • 41a General Overview-Egyptian Culture
  • 41b Fiction/Historical Fiction
  • 41c Activities
  • 41d Pyramids
  • 41e Mummies
  • 41f Great Sphinx
  • 41g Hieroglyphics (Egyptian writing)
  • 41h Technology and Science
  • 41i Art and Literature
  • 41j Archaeology
  • 41k Boats
  • 42 Joseph's Egypt (Part II: History of Ancient Egypt)
  • 42a Egyptian chronology
  • 42b Egyptian History-General
  • 42c Egyptian History-Old Kingdom
  • 42d Egyptian History-First Intermediate Period (between Old and Middle Kingdoms)
  • 42e Egyptian history-Middle Kingdom
  • 42f Egyptian History-Second Intermediate Period (between Middle & New Kingdoms)
  • 42g Egyptian History-New Kingdom
  • i Hatshepsut
  • ii Thutmose III
  • iii Queen Tiye (wife of Amenhotep III)
  • iv Akhenaten/Akhnaten/Ikhnaton/Amenhotep IV
  • v Queen Nefertiti (wife of Akhenaten)
  • vi King Tut
  • vii Queen Ankhsencmen (wife of King Tut)
  • viii Rameses II
  • ix Queen Nefertari (wife of Rameses II)
  • 43 Joseph...Grand Finale!
  • 44 The End of the Beginning: Closing of Genesis
  • 45 Slavery, a Secret Plan, and a Body in the Sand: Moses
  • 46 Plagues, a "Pass-over," and a (Going-Away) Party: Exodus!
  • 47 Wild Times in the Wilderness: The Red Sea
  • 48 Wild Times in the Wilderness: Food, Faith, and Firm Commandments
  • 49 Wild Times in the Wilderness: Golden Instructions...and a Golden Calf
  • 50 Wild Times in the Wilderness: Glory Comes and the Journey Resumes
  • 51 Getting Down to Details (Leviticus)
  • 52 A Headcount (Numbers, Part 1)
  • 53 Spies! (Numbers, Part 2) (ThinkWrite 5: "Whatchya think?")
  • 54 Rebellion and a Rock! (Numbers, Part 3)
  • 55 Moving, Military Maneuvers, and Mules (Numbers, Part 4)
  • 56 Starting Again...(Numbers, Part 5)
  • 57 Anyone need a Dose of Encouragement? (Numbers, Finale)
  • 58 Doing Deuteronomy!
  • 59 It Has Neverr Been Said Better
  • 60 Moses' Parting Gift (Part 1)
  • 61 Moses' Parting Gift (Part 2)
  • 62 Moses' Parting Gift (Part 3)
  • 63 Joshua Leads a Conquering Army! (ThinkWrite 6: "Leading the way!")
  • 64 A Rough Patch, a Really Rough Patch (Judges)
  • 64a General Overview
  • 64b Deborah
  • 64c Gideon
  • 64d Samson
  • 64e Canaanite/Hamite Tribes: Philistines, Hittites, Jebusites, etc
  • 65 Famous Ladies
  • 66 Okay, a Famous man Too... (Samuel)
  • 67 "You'll be Sorry You Asked!" (Israel Gets a King)
  • 68 Beauty Contest? No Contest! (Saul and David)
  • 69 The Good, Ol' Days: David's Early Kingship
  • 70 Um, Er...Some Not-So-Good Ol' Days
  • 71 King Solomon
  • 71a Solomon
  • 71b Phoenicia (Tyre and Sidon)
  • 72 Solomon's Temple
  • 73 Solomon's Reign and Life
  • 74 The Division: Rehoboam and Jeroboam...and their Successors
  • 75 Elijah vs Ahab: "And the Winner is..." (ThinkWrite 7: "Would you 'believe' it?!")
  • 75a General Overview
  • 75b Elijah
  • 76 A Bright Spot: Jehoshaphat
  • 77 Kings (and a Queen) Aplenty, But, More Importantly, a Prophet-Elisha
  • 77a General Overview
  • 77b Elisha
  • 77c Hosea
  • 77d Amos
  • 78 The Fall of Israel
  • 78a General Overview
  • 78b Micah
  • 78c Jonah
  • 78d (Neo-) Assyria
  • 78e Archaeology of Henry Layard & Henry Rawlinson
  • 79 Wow! King Hezekiah, Sennacherib, and an Impressive Ending
  • 79a Hezekiah
  • 79b Isaiah
  • 80 Hezekiah's Son (Manasseh) and the Beginning of the End
  • 81 A Last Gasp of Fresh Air: Josiah
  • 82 Fall of Assyria
  • 82a General Overview
  • 82b Nathum
  • 83 Nebuchadnezzar Looms...and Loots: The Fall of Jerusalem
  • 83a General Overview
  • 83b Jeremiah
  • 83c Zephaniah
  • 83d Habakkuk
  • 84 Exile in Babylon: Daniel, Ezekiel, and Nebuchadnezzar
  • 84a Daniel and the Three Friends in Babylon
  • 84b Ezekiel
  • 84c (Neo-) Babylon and nebuchadnezzar
  • 84d Architecture of Babylon-Hanging Gardens and Ishtar Gate
  • 85 Fall of Babylon...and Rise of Persia!
  • 85a General Overview (including Daniel in the Lion's Den)
  • 85b Cyrus
  • 85c (Medo-) Persian Empire
  • 86 Return to Jerusalem: Daniel's Prayer
  • 87 Return to Jerusalem: Temple Rebuilt, Ezra, and Nehemiah
  • 87a General Overview
  • 87b Ezra
  • 87c Haggai
  • 87d Zechariah
  • 87e Nehemiah
  • 87f Joel
  • 87g Malachi
  • 88 From Eve to Esther
  • Appendix 1 ThinkWrite Responses
  • Appendix 2 Resource List

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