Brand New Readers Blue Set

by Various Author

(From Amazon): We’ve taken our most popular Brand New Reader titles and have added loads of kid- and parent-friendly extras to bring you two outstanding Brand New Reader collections!Unlike most reading programs, Brand New Readers are short, funny stories written by award-winning authors, full of bright, colorful artwork by illustrators kids know and love. These Brand New Readers sets make it easy and fun to follow favorite characters from story to story. EACH BRAND NEW READER SET CONTAINS:—10 short, funny, full-color books featuring such best-selling characters as Piggy, Worm, Monkey, Mouse, and Tabby Cat—A foldout poster with full-color stickers so readers can track the books they’ve read—A make-your-own Brand New Reader book because brand-new readers can be brand-new writers—A Brand New Reader certificate of achievement to build confidence—An easy-to-follow parent/teacher guide full of tips and strategies to help make reading a success the very first time!HOW DO BRAND NEW READERS WORK?Designed by literacy experts, this unique series helps children become eager and confident readers with:—Illustrations so clear kids can guess what the words say—Short sentences and consistently placed text —Language that flows naturally —Eight-page stories that readers can finish in one sitting —Humorous endings for a rewarding payoff —A simple, easy-to-follow design—A brief introduction to each story—Notes for parents and teachers to help them guide brand-new readers along!Included in the BRAND NEW READERS, BLUE SET:PLAY BALL! and PIGGY'S BATHby David Martin, illustrated by Frank RemkiewiczPOP POP POP POP and MONKEY EATS WORMS by David Martin, illustrated by Scott NashWORM IS STUCK and WORM SMELLSwritten and illustrated by Kathy CapleGOOD NIGHT, DINAH and LITTLE AND BIGby Ana Martin Larrañaga, illustrated by B. G. HennessyIT'S SUPER MOUSE! and PICNIC by Phyllis Root, illustrated by James Croft


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