God's Great Covenant, Book One

by Clarie A. Larsen Author

(From Amazon): God's Great Covenant, Old Testament One teaches the Biblical narrative chronologically, from Genesis to Ruth to elementary aged students. The Old Testament is a narrative of God's faithfulness to his people, and the overarching themes of the promises and power of God are presented in weekly stories. The workbook text contains thirty-two weekly chapters along with maps and 3D illustration. Recommended for second grade and up.Classical Academic Press Educators will find all curricula by Classical Academic Press to be created with four important attributes. Each product is classical, creative, relevant, and easy to use. As our company name implies, you will find that we publish classical books and media, seeking to acquaint students with the best that has been thought and said. We also design and present our products with creativity and zest, from beautiful illustrations to engaging storytelling, ensuring that the classical subjects being taught are anything but boring. Areas we publish in include: -Latin -Ancient Greek -Logic -Bible, Old & New Testament -The Art Of Poetry -Spanish -Classical Education Resources

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Resource Type
Print Status
In Print
Suggested Grades
3rd - 5th
Geographical Setting
Old Testament Lands
Historical Setting
6000 BC - 1400 BC
Classical Academic Press


  • 1 Creation of the World
  • 2 Creation of Man
  • 3 The Fall
  • 4 The Flood and the Tower
  • 5 Looking Backwards...Looking Ahead (Review)
  • 6 The Call of Abraham
  • 7 The Sacrifice of Isaac
  • 8 Jacob- A Changed Man
  • 9 Joseph- The Dreamer
  • 10 Joseph- The Ruler
  • 11 Looking Backwards...Looking Ahead (Review)
  • 12 Call of Moses
  • 13 The Ten Plagues
  • 14 The Exodus
  • 15 Provision in the wilderness
  • 16 Giving of the Law
  • 17 Israel's Idolatry
  • 18 Looking backwards...Looking Ahead (Review)
  • 19 Building of the Tabernacle
  • 20 Departure from Mt. Sinai
  • 21 The Spies Explore Canaan
  • 22 Life in the Wilderness
  • 23 Preparation to Enter Canaan
  • 24 Looking backwards...Looking Ahead (Review)
  • 25 Entering Canaan
  • 26 Conquest of Canaan
  • 27 The Judges
  • 28 The Stories of Deborah & Gideon
  • 29 The Story of Samson
  • 30 The Story of Ruth
  • 31 The Story of Job
  • 32 Looking backwards...Looking Ahead (Review)

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