The Tale of Daddy Longlegs (Tuck-Me-In Tales)

by Arthur Scott Bailey Author

(From Amazon): Arthur Scott Bailey (1877-1949) was author of more than forty children's books. Bailey attended St. Albans Academy and graduated in 1896, in a class of only eleven other students. He then went on to the University of Vermont in Burlington, Vermont, where he became involved in a fraternal organization, Sigma Phi. However, he left UVM in 1901 and transferred to Harvard, where he earned his bachelor's degree. In 1904 he travelled to New York City and became an editor for various publishers. Which publishers these were is unknown, with the exception of the Macaulay Company, where he was working in early 1915. Among his most famous works are: Sleepy-Time Tales: The Tale of Frisky Squirrel (1915), Sleepy-Time Tales: The Tale of Peter Mink (1916), Tuck-me-in Tales: The Tale of Jasper Jay (1917), Tuck-me-in Tales: The Tale of Buster Bumblebee (1918), Slumber-Town Tales: The Tale of Henrietta Hen (1921) and Slumber-Town Tales: The Tale of Turkey Proudfoot (1921).


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  • 1 The Strange Tracks
  • 2 The New Neighbor
  • 3 Mr. Crow Is Displeased
  • 4 The Contest
  • 5 Too Many Questions
  • 6 Mrs. Ladybug's Plan
  • 7 Trying To Help
  • 8 In Need Of New Shoes
  • 9 Locked In
  • 10 A Ride By Moonlight
  • 11 The Big Wind
  • 12 Good News On A Bad Day
  • 13 A Dangerous Business
  • 14 One Way To Stop A Horse
  • 15 A Call On A Neighbor
  • 16 Boastful Talk
  • 17 Daddy Is Attacked
  • 18 The Ant Army
  • 19 Daddy Escapes
  • 20 Lost- A Jackknife!
  • 21 Just A Notion
  • 22 Why Daddy Was Changed
  • 23 A New Name For Daddy
  • 24 A Bridegroom

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