Life of Fred--Dogs

by Stanley F. Schmidt Author

(From Amazon): The fourth book in the Life of Fred Elementary Series. One Million, Our Place in the Dance of Life, ?, the Game of Doubles, Fortnight, Digits in a Number, Two Dimes = 20 Cents, New Words in English, Anachronism, Middle English, Old English, Doubling 1 ? 2 ? 4 ? up to 1,267,650,600,228,229,401,496,703,205,376 (which is 100 doubles), 7 - z = 4, Making Choices in Life, Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe, Morse Code from A-Z, Functions, the Function Party Game, One Billion, Finding Patterns, What Can Cause Unclear Thinking, Rhyme Schemes, Tennyson's In Memoriam, Eyes Adjusting to Bright Light, Consecutive Even Numbers, ATM Cards, Numbers that Add to 15, Guessing Functions, Right Angles, Rectangles, Constant Functions, Buying Books, One Day Without Reading, Sheet Music for "Borrowed Books", Beautiful Handwriting, Numbers that Add to 17, Macronutrients, the Eight Planets, Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Different Ways to Pick Out a Book to Read, Bar Graphs, Different Jobs You Might Choose, Adopting a Dog, Idioms, Spendthrifts, Adding two- and three-digit numbers, Art in Advertising, Carrying the One in Addition, Female and Male, Apartment Leases, Isotopes of Hydrogen, the Chemical Elements, Dog Games.


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Resource Type
Print Status
In Print
Suggested Grades
2nd - 2nd
PDP Publishing


  • 1 A Million Jobs
  • 2 Doubles
  • 3 Mickey was Unavailable
  • 4 English has Changed
  • 5 Three Messengers
  • 6 A Postcard
  • 7 Police Station
  • 8 A Free Class
  • 9 Just a Dollar
  • 10 At the Bank
  • 11 Fred's Budget
  • 12 To the Library
  • 13 Picking a Topic to Read About
  • 14 To the Animal Shelter
  • 15 Saving the Dogs
  • 16 Waiting for Dogs
  • 17 On a Leash
  • 18 One Becomes 30
  • 19 Dogs

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