Biblical Character Traits

Teachers and Homeschool parents love our high-interest, hands-on curriculum including Lapbook Project Packs, Notebooking Packs and Thematic Unit Study Packs. With this unit study you will be able to teach your K-6th grade classroom about Biblical Character Traits. The Bible is a great place to look to find out what character traits are important and what God expects of us. The Biblical Character Traits Curriculum from In the Hands of a Child includes an 8-day Planning Guide, Related Reading List, 15 Hands-On Activities PLUS 8 Extension Activities, a 10-page Research Guide, and a complete Answer Key. Students will be introduced to information and related scripture about anger, acting with self-control, compassion, honesty, obedience, patience, responsibility, and wisdom.


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Early Years - 6th
Hands of a Child

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