The story of Canada

by E L. Marsh Author

History of Canada up to about 1900

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In Print
Suggested Grades
1st - 6th
Geographical Setting
Historical Setting
1492 - 1900
Nabu Press


  • 0 Part 1 - Canada under French Rule
  • 1 Finding the New World
  • 2 The First Explorer in Canada and the People He found
  • 3 Colonizers and Missionaries
  • 4 The Young Colony
  • 5 Frontenac and His Times
  • 6 The French and the English in the New World
  • 0 Part 2 - Canada under British Rule
  • 7 The British in Command
  • 8 The Loyalists, and a New Province
  • 9 The War of 1812
  • 10 A Rebellion and What Came of It
  • 11 Responsible Government
  • 12 Progress of the Country
  • 0 Part 3 - Rupert's Land: The Great West
  • 13 The Land Beyond the Great Lakes
  • 14 The Fur-Traders and the First Colony
  • 15 Some Great Men and What they did
  • 16 The Father of British Columbia
  • 0 Part 4 - Canada under Confederation
  • 17 The Dominion of Canada
  • 18 The Canadian West
  • 19 The Canada of To-Day [abt 1900]
  • 20 Our Country and Our Flag [abt 1900]

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Well-Written Canadian History Spine

Reviewed by Parent/Teacher

I have not actually used this book yet (planning to begin this year with my eldest child), but it is very well written. It has some obvious biases common in older books (history begins with Christopher Columbus, native Canadians are mentioned only in relation to white explorers and sometimes are referred to in ways we would find offensive today, treatment of Acadian explusion has a bit of a British bias). However, all history books have bias and the fact that these biases are so obvious may actually be an advantage (we might not see the bias as well in a more recent book). Aside from that, this book is written in a living way, full of detail which captures the imagination. I highly recommend it.

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