HOD Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory: Poetry

by Carrie Austin, M. Ed. Author

Poetry and Rhymes


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Suggested Grades
1st - 2nd


  • 1 The Storm by Sara Coleridge
  • 2 Father, We Thank Thee by Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • 3 Uphill by Christina G. Rosetti
  • 4 Daybreak by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  • 5 Song for a Little House
  • 6 The Months by Sara Coleridge
  • 7 Mother's Jewels by Eugene Field
  • 8 Where Lies the Land by Arthur Hugh Clough
  • 9 Maker of Heaven and Earth by Cecil Frances Alexander
  • 10 What are Heavy? by Christina G. Rosetti
  • 11 Don't Give Up by Phoebe Cary
  • 12 The Prayer Perfect by James Whitcomb Riley
  • 13 We Plough the Fields, and Scatter by Matthias Claudius
  • 14 The Arrow and the Song by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  • 15 The Cow by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • 16 God, Who Made the Earth by Sarah Betts Rhodes
  • 17 Evening by Thomas Miller
  • 18 Jesus Bids Us Shine by Susan Warner
  • 19 Monday's Child by Anonymous
  • 20 Against Idleness and Mischief by Issac Watts
  • 21 A June Day by Sara Teasdale
  • 22 Little Things by Julia Fletcher Carney
  • 23 Northwest Passage: In Port by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • 24 The Star-Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key
  • 25 A Child's Prayer by Margaret Betham-Edwards
  • 26 The Flag Goes By by Henry H. Bennet
  • 27 Pippa's Song by Robert Browning
  • 28 Farewell to the Farm by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • 29 The Planting of the Apple-Tree by William Cullen Bryant
  • 30 Written in March by William Wordsworth
  • 31 Weather by Anonymous
  • 32 A Child's Prayer by Siegfried Sassoon
  • 33 Four Seasons by Anonymous
  • 34 Try Again by William Hickson

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