Margarethe: A Tale of Luther and Zwingli

by Emma Leslie Author

(From Amazon): Margarethe, the proud, impetuous daughter of a nobleman in Germany, wants no part in her father's plans to marry her off to Count von Schonstein's son, Eric, so that the two nobles can join forces against the "upstart" burghers. She would much rather stay at home with her beloved younger sister, Else, but Else will soon be leaving to spend the rest of her life in a convent. Unlike her gentle, pious sister, Margarethe is certain that God's only desire is to make her life miserable, especially now that she refuses to participate in the rites and ceremonies of the Church. When her brother, Fritz, brings her an "indulgence" from far-off J├╝terbog, she doubts that even this can make her acceptable to an angry God. Then from her great-aunt, Margarethe hears of another religion, one almost forgotten, that taught that God loves the world, and she longs to know if this message is true. As the controversy surrounding the teachings of Martin Luther and Ulrich Zwinglius intensifies, she and her dear friend, Anna, along with Fritz and Eric, must decide what part they might play in the emerging Reformation.


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  • 1 The Sisters
  • 2 Dame Ermengarde
  • 3 Else's Departure
  • 4 Rebellion
  • 5 The Brother and Sister
  • 6 The Tournament
  • 7 A Visit to the Convent
  • 8 At Wittenberg
  • 9 Eric
  • 10 A Bonfire
  • 11 At Tubingen
  • 12 Confidence
  • 13 Friends At Zurich
  • 14 New Scenes
  • 15 Ulrich Zwinglius
  • 16 A Mystery Play
  • 17 The Journey
  • 18 More News
  • 19 Count Von Sickengen
  • 20 At Leipsic
  • 21 A Living Tomb
  • 22 Conclusion

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