The White Company

by Arthur Conan Doyle Author

Young Alleyne Edricson journeys to France in 1366 to join the White Company, a bold band of archers, and is swept into a series of exciting adventures. Written by the creator of Sherlock Holmes.


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Resource Type
Print Status
In Print
Suggested Grades
9th - 12th
Geographical Setting
France, England
Historical Setting
1366 - 1366
Quiet Vision Pub


  • 1 How the Black Sheep Came Forth from the Fold
  • 2 How Alleyne Edrickson Came Out into the World
  • 3 How Hordle John Cozened the Fuller of Lymington
  • 4 How the Bailiff of Southampton Slew the Two Masterless Men
  • 5 How a Strange Company Gathered at the Pied Merlin
  • 6 How Samkin Aylward Wagered His Feather-Bed
  • 7 How the Three Comrads Journeyed through the Woodlands
  • 8 The Three Friends
  • 9 How Strange Things Befell in Minstead Wood
  • 10 How Hordle John Found a Man Whom He Might Follow
  • 11 How a Young Shepherd Had a Perilous Flock
  • 12 How Alleyne Learned More Than He Could Teach
  • 13 How the White Company Set Forth to the Wars
  • 14 How Sir Nigel Sought for a Wayside Venture
  • 15 How the Yellow Cog Sailed Forth from Lepe
  • 16 How the Yellow Cog Fought the Two Rover Galleys
  • 17 How the Yellow Cog Crossed the Bar of Gironde
  • 18 How Sir Nigel Loring Put a Patch upon His Eye
  • 19 How There Was a Stir at the Abbey of St. Andrew's
  • 20 How Alleyne Won His Place in an Honorable Guild
  • 21 How Agostino Pisano Risked His Head
  • 22 How the Bowmen Held Wassail at the Rose de Guienne
  • 23 How England Held the Lists at Bordeaux
  • 24 How a Champion Came Forth from the East
  • 25 How Sir Nigel Wrote to Twynham Castle
  • 26 How the Three Comrades Gained a Mighty Treasure
  • 27 How Roger Club-Foot was Passed into Paradise
  • 28 How the Comrades Came Over the Marches of France
  • 29 How the Blessed Hour of Sight Came to the Lady Tiphaine
  • 30 How the Brushwood Men Came to the Chateau of Villefranche
  • 31 How Five Men Held the Keep of Villefranche
  • 32 How the Company Took Counsel Round the Fallen Tree
  • 33 How the Army Made the Passage of Roncesvalles
  • 34 How the Company Made Sport in the Vale of Pampeluna
  • 35 How Sir Nigel Hawked at an Eagle
  • 36 How Sir Nigel Took the Patch from His Eye
  • 37 How the White Company Came to be Disbanded
  • 38 Of the Home-Coming to Hampshire

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