A History of US: Book 5: Liberty for All?

by Joy Hakim Author

(From Amazon): Early nineteenth-century America could just about be summed up by Henry David Thoreau's words when he said, "Eastward I go only by force, but westward I go free." It was an exuberant time for the diverse citizens of the United States, who included a range of folk, from mountain men and railroad builders to whalers and farmers, as they pushed forward into the open frontier and all their hopes and fears are captured in Liberty for All? In addition to colorful accounts of the massive westward migration, the California Gold Rush, a war with Mexico, the Oregon boundary conflict, Texas and the Alamo, Liberty for All? takes a deep look at the issue that began to gnaw at the country's core: How, in the land where "all men are created equal," could there be slaves?

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In Print
Suggested Grades
3rd - 8th
Geographical Setting
Historical Setting
1800 - 1861
Oxford University Press, USA


  • 1 Preface: Antebellum: Say Aunty Belle and Add um
  • 2 The Long Way West
  • 3 Mountain Men
  • 4 Riding the Trail to Santa Fe
  • 5 Susan Magoffin's Diary
  • 6 Pioneers: Taking the Trail West
  • 7 Getting There
  • 8 Latter-Day Saints
  • 9 Coast-to-Coast Destiny
  • 10 Texas: Tempting and Beautiful
  • 11 Fighting Over a Border
  • 12 There's Gold in Them Hills
  • 13 Clipper Ships and Pony Express
  • 14 Flying by Stagecoach
  • 15 Arithmetic by Sea
  • 16 Thar She Blows
  • 17 A Boy From Japan
  • 18 Cities and Progress
  • 19 A Land of Movers
  • 20 Workin' on the Railroad
  • 21 "She Wishes to Ornament Their Minds"
  • 22 Do Girls Have Brains
  • 23 Seneca Falls and the Right of Women
  • 24 A Woman Named Truth
  • 25 Life in the Mills
  • 26 Working Women and Children
  • 27 American Writers
  • 28 Mr Thoreau - At Home with the World
  • 29 Melville and Company
  • 30 Painter of Birds and Painter of Indians
  • 31 Amistad Means Friendship
  • 32 Webster Defends the Union
  • 33 Big Problems and a Little Giant
  • 34 A Dreadful Decision
  • 35 Fleeing to Freedom
  • 36 Over the River and Underground
  • 37 Seven Decades

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