The Asian World, 600-1500

by Roger V. Des Forges Author

(From Amazon): Drawing on numerous primary sources, this volume covers the history of Asia from the reunification of China under the Sui and Tang dynasties from the fifth century CE to Choson Korea in the 16th century, also covering other parts of the continent including India and Japan. The Medieval and Early Modern World tells the colorful story of a pivotal period in human history, an era that is crucial to understanding our own times. The expansion of trade and city life, the spread and reform of religious institutions, the rise of regional empires and local feudal regimes, and revolutionary advances in science and technology laid the foundation for the modern world. Told through the words and experiences of the people who lived it- kings, queens, and commoners, priests and lay people, explorers, scientists, artists, and world travelers- this is a world history for a new generation.

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Resource Type
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In Print
Suggested Grades
6th - 9th
Geographical Setting
Historical Setting
600 - 1500
Oxford University Press, USA


  • Introduction A Dinner Party in Tang China
  • 1 Two Teachers: Buddha, Kongzi, and Early India and China
  • 2 China United, Again; The Sui and Tang Dynasties
  • 3 Rajas and Sultans: The Struggle for India
  • 4 Trade if by Land and Trade if by Sea: Merchants, Religion, and Ideas
  • 5 Bones and Buddhists: Early Korea and Japan
  • 6 Horsemen and Gentlemen: The Song Dynasty in China
  • 7 Khans and Conquest: The Mongol Empire
  • 8 Sultans, Slaves, and Southerners: The Sultanate of Delhi in India
  • 9 Khan and Emperor: The Yuan Dynasty in China
  • 10 Warriors Rule: Kamakura and Ashikaga Japan
  • 11 Fresh Dawn: Koryo and Early Choson China
  • 12 Rise and Shine: Rulers and Treasure Ships in Ming China

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