J'aime Parler!: Inspirational Ideas for Teaching French to Young Children

by Ann May Author

(From Amazon): J'aime Parler! contains stories, songs and lesson plans for introducing French at Key Stage 1 (KS1) in an enjoyable way. The focus is very much on developing speaking and listening skills, and helping children to discover the joy of learning a foreign language. Children will love listening to the stories about Marvin, a young English kitten, who befriends Lulu, a French cat, when he unexpectedly finds himself in France. Lulu helps Marvin to learn to speak French and introduces him to French culture. Through listening along to the stories, and responding, children will learn too. The lesson plans introduce children to simple French vocabulary, with lots of opportunities for role play, songs and other activities. The versatile photocopiable sheets support the lessons and can be made into puppets or masks, flashcards, or used simply as colouring-in sheets. We hope you and your pupils will enjoy using J'aime Parler! and that your pupils will experience a great sense of personal achievement and confidence in their expanding knowledge and understanding of French

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Early Years - 4th
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  • 1 Bonjour
  • 2 Ca va?
  • 3 Ca ne va pas
  • 4 Je m'appelle
  • 5 C'est combien?
  • 6 J'ai...ans
  • 7 L'alphabet
  • 8 C'est la France
  • 9 Joyeux Noel
  • 10 Bonne Annee
  • 11 Les Jours de la semaine
  • 12 Les mois de l'an
  • 13 Les nombres 13-31
  • 14 Bon anniversaire
  • 15 Qu'est ce que c'est?
  • 16 Tu as ...? J'ai un...
  • 17 Mes freres, me soeurs
  • 18 Il/Elle s'appelle
  • 19 Frere Jacques
  • 20 Ma mere et mon pere
  • 21 J'habite a
  • 22 Ou habites-tu?
  • 23 Sur le pont d'Avignon

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