Second Book of Marvels: The Orient

by Richard Halliburton Author

Travel / History / Middle Eastern & India region culture. Early 20th century American travel writer and adventurer Richard Halliburton presents this volume's tour for school students, introducing the people, religions, architecture, customs, and scenery from Greece to Mt. Fuji in Japan, multi-cultural regions then called "The Orient" and maps of his travel routes. Places featured are Greece and Ephesus, Turkey, King Mausolus's tomb, western Turkey, Colossus-Rhodes, off Turkey, Pharos-lighthouse, Alexandria, Egypt, Sphinx and Pyramids, Egypt, Pyramids Today-Cairo, Egypt, The Labyrinth-Crete, Slave City-western Africa, Victoria Falls, So Africa, Allahs children-Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Enchanted Temple-Petra, Holy Land, The Dead Sea, Rock of Abraham-Jerusalem, Solomon's Temple-Jerusalem, Temple of Jupiter, Syria, Queen of Palmyra, Syria, Bagdad, Persia/Iraq, Babylon-Iraq, Madrasa College and Isfahan-Persia, Udaipur-west India, Palace in Udaipur-west India, Taj Majal, India, Top of the World (Mt. Everest, Nepal/Tibet), Land of Mystery (Lhasa, Tibet), Palace of the Living Gods (Bhuddist Dalai Lama, Lhasa, Tibet), Thirty Million Idols (Hindu temple, Madura, southern India), Tale From the Jungle (Indo-China temple, Angkor, Cambodia), The Great Stone Serpent (Great Wall, China), Magic Mountain (Fujiyama, Japan) ~ From Wikipedia: Richard Halliburton (January 9, 1900 - presumed dead after March 24, 1939) was an American traveler, adventurer, and author. Best known today for having swum the length of the Panama Canal and paying the lowest toll in its history-thirty-six cents-Halliburton was headline news for most of his brief career. His final and fatal adventure, an attempt to sail a Chinese junk, the Sea Dragon, across the Pacific Ocean from Hong Kong to the Golden Gate International Exposition in San Francisco, made him legendary.


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Suggested Grades
3rd - 12th


  • 1 The Travels of Demetrius
  • 2 Halicarnassus
  • 3 The Colossus
  • 4 The Pharos
  • 5 The First Wonder of the World
  • 6 The Pyramids Today
  • 7 The Labyrinth
  • 8 The Slave City
  • 9 The Smoke that Sounds
  • 10 Allah's Children
  • 11 The Enchanted Table
  • 12 The Dead Sea
  • 13 The Rock of Abraham
  • 14 Treasure Hunters
  • 15 Baalbek
  • 16 Zenobia
  • 17 The Prince and the Flying Carpet
  • 18 Babylon
  • 19 Home of the Nightingales
  • 20 Wonderland
  • 21 My Hindu Princess
  • 22 A Love Story
  • 23 The Glory of Asia
  • 24 The Top of the World
  • 25 Land of Mystery
  • 26 Palace of the Living Gods
  • 27 Thirty Million Idols
  • 28 A Tale from the Jungle
  • 29 The Great Stone Serpent
  • 30 The Magic Mountain

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