English Grammar and Composition: First Course Grade 7

by John E. Warriner Author

(From Amazon): This textbook will be a valuable aid in your study of English. In it you will find an explanation of how the language works, which is something you need to understand if you are to learn to express yourself correctly and effectively. You will find exercises and writing assignments that you need for practice. The book will teach you the difference between an effective sentence and an ineffective one, between strong writing and weak writing. You will learn to express yourself in correct, clear, and interesting English. Nothing you learn in school is more important than this.

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  • 1 The Sentence
  • 2 The Parts of Speech: Noun, Pronoun, Advjective
  • 3 The Parts of Speech: Verb, Adverb, Preposition, Conjunction, Interjection
  • 4 The Prepositional Phrase
  • 5 Complements
  • 6 Agreement of Subject & Verb
  • 7 Using Verbs Correctly
  • 8 Using Pronouns Correctly
  • 9 Using Modifiers Correctly
  • 10 Capital Letters
  • 11 Punctuation: End Marks, Commas, Semicolons
  • 12 Punctuation: Colons, Italics, Quotation Marks, Apostrophes, Hyphens
  • 13 Sentence Fragments and Run-On Sentences
  • 14 Sentence Combining and Variety
  • 15 Manuscript Form
  • 16 The Paragraph
  • 17 Narration and Description
  • 18 The Whole Composition
  • 19 Writing Explanations and Reports
  • 20 Letter Writing
  • 21 Using the Library
  • 22 Using the Dictionary
  • 23 Vocabulary
  • 24 Spelling
  • 25 Speaking
  • 26 Listening

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