Around the World in 80 Days [SCM]

by Jules Verne Author

Phileas Fogg and his manservant try to travel around the world in eighty days to win a bet.

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In Print
Suggested Grades
5th - 12th
Geographical Setting
England, Africa, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, California, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, New York,
Historical Setting
1872 - 1872
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  • 1 In which Phileas Fogg and Passepartout accept each other
  • 2 In which Passepartout is convinced that he has at last found his ideal
  • 3 In which a conversation takes place which seems likely to cost Phileas Fogg dear
  • 4 In which Phileas Fogg astounds Passepartout, his servant
  • 5 In which a new species of funds
  • 6 In which Fix, the detective, betrays a very natural impatience
  • 7 Which once more demonstrates the usefulness of passports as aids to detectives
  • 8 In which Passepartout talks rather more, perhaps, than is prudent
  • 9 In which the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean prove propitious to the designs of Phileas Fogg
  • 10 In which Passepartout is only too glad to get off with the loss of his shoes
  • 11 In which Phileas Fogg secures a curious means of conveyance at a fabulous price
  • 12 In which Phileas Fogg and his companions venture across the Indian forests
  • 13 In which Passepartout receives new proof that fortune favors the brave
  • 14 In which descends the whole length of the beautiful valley of the Ganges
  • 15 In which the bag of banknotes disgorges some thousands of pounds more
  • 16 In which Fix does not seem to understand in the least what is said to him
  • 17 Showing what happened on the voyage from Singapore to Hong Kong
  • 18 In which Phileas Fogg, Passepartout, and Fix go each about his business
  • 19 In which Passepartout takes a too great interest in his master
  • 20 In which Fix comes face to face with Phileas Fogg
  • 21 In which the master of the Tankadere runs great risk
  • 22 In which Passepartout finds out that, even at the Antipodes
  • 23 In which Passepartout's nose becomes outrageously long
  • 24 During which Mr. Fogg and party cross the Pacific Ocean
  • 25 In which a slight glimpse is had of San Francisco
  • 26 In which Phileas Fogg and party travel by the Pacific railroad
  • 27 In which Passepartout undergoes, at a speed of twenty miles
  • 28 In which Passepartout does not succeed in making anybody listen to reason
  • 29 In which certain incidents are narrated
  • 30 In which Phileas Fogg simply does his duty
  • 31 In which Fix the detective considerably furthers the interests of Phileas Fogg
  • 32 In which Phileas Fogg engages in a direct struggle with bad fortune
  • 33 In which Phileas Fogg shows himself equal to the occasion
  • 34 In which Phileas Fogg at last reaches London
  • 35 In which Phileas Fogg does not have to repeat his orders
  • 36 In which Phileas Fogg's name is once more at a premium on 'Change
  • 37 In which it is shown that Phileas Fogg gained nothing by his tour

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