Isaac Brock: Canada's Hero in the War of 1812 (Amazing Stories)

by Cheryl MacDonald Author

(From Amazon): Isaac Brock is the best-known figure of the War of 1812. He is widely credited as the military leader who frustrated the United States in its ambition to invade and take over Canada. Brock was born in the English Channel Island of Guernsey, where his limited combat experience did nothing to shake his moxy. Before coming to Canada, he faced a challenge to duel; when he insisted the other man be a handkerchief's length away, his opponent was forced to back down. Brock survived family financial disaster and faced desertions and near-mutinies before his successful years commanding his regiment in Upper Canada. As military governor of the colony, he called up the militia to oppose the invading Americans and led his troops into the key Battle of Queenston Heights. He died in the Queenston battle, but his courage inspired his troops to victory -- and even brought tribute from his American foes. In this short biography reflecting recent research and writing by academic historians about Brock and the war, Cheryl MacDonald tells the story of Brock and the War of 1812 in a way that will appeal to any reader, young or old.

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In Print
Suggested Grades
4th - 9th
Geographical Setting
Historical Setting
1800 - 1815


  • 0 wk 30 - Prologue
  • 1 wk 30 - Early Years
  • 2 wk 31 - Posted to Canada
  • 3 wk 32 - Waiting for War
  • 4 wk 33 - The Road to Detroit
  • 5 wk 34 - Hero of Upper Canada
  • 6 wk 35 - The Battle of Queenston Heights
  • 7 wk 36 - Brock's Legacy

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