Geography: A Literary Approach (Paddle-to-the-Sea lesson detail)

by Rea Berg; Joshua Berg Author


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2nd - 8th
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  • 1 Paddle-to-the-Sea Lesson 1, Read chapters 1-3
  • 1-1 MAP Label/color Lake Nipigon & Canada. Draw/color a small log cabin on E side of Lake Nipigon. Draw snow-capped mountains around lake.
  • 1-2 RESEARCH Canadian Geese: Where do they winter, how far do they fly in migration, what flight formations?
  • 1-3 MOVIE Fly Away Home
  • 1-4 RESEARCH Ballast & Rudders. How do they work?
  • 2 Paddle-to-the-Sea Lesson 2, Read chapters 4-6
  • 2-1 RESEARCH ponds. Try the book Eyewitness: Pond & River
  • 2-2 GLOSSARY: Create one in a notebook and begin adding words & definitions. Add Ballast, rudder, bull-chain
  • 2-3 MAP Draw/color a tiny red sawmill on the W side of Lake Nipigon at its location.
  • 3 Paddle-to-the-Sea Lesson 3, Read chapters 7-10
  • 3-1 STUDY how a sawmill works from the diagram in Chapt 7
  • 3-2 MAP Label/color Lake Superior, Isle Royal, Port Arthur
  • 3-3 RESEARCH characteristics of a marsh. How is it different from a pond?
  • 3-4 NARRATE how Paddle is pushed out of the marsh back into Lake Superior
  • 4 Paddle-to-the-Sea Lesson 4, Read chapters 11-12
  • 4-1 RESEARCH the iron industry of the region. How is iron mined? What large industries use iron?
  • 4-2 MAP Label/color MN, WI, MI, ONT, and Apostle Islands. MAP cities Duluth & Superior.
  • 4-3 FIELD TRIP to Michigan Iron Museum in Marquette, MI
  • 5 Paddle-to-the-Sea Lesson 5, Read chapters 13-15
  • 5-1 DISCUSS why ice is so dangerous to ships. Describe how the men were rescued by the buoy.
  • 5-2 MAP the Keeweenaw Peninsula and the site of the shipwreck.
  • 5-3 RESEARCH the copper industry. How is copper used?
  • 5-4 GLOSSARY: Davy Jones' Locker, dynamos
  • 5-5 NARRATE the repairs Bill made to Paddle.
  • 6 Paddle-to-the-Sea Lesson 6, Read chapters 16-18
  • 6-1 STUDY diagram of the canal lock. Discuss how it makes it possible for large ships to pass
  • 6-2 MAP Paddle's trip by sled from the shipwreck to Sault Ste. Marie. Color/label Lake Michigan, Illinois, Indiana.
  • 6-3 MAP Label the cities of Sault Ste. Marie (MI), Gary (IN), and Chicago (IL)
  • 7 Paddle-to-the-Sea Lesson 7, Read chapters 19-21
  • 7-1 DISCUSS why the animals around Paddle were not paying attention to one another. Why were they trying to swim to the island?
  • 7-2 MAP Label Bay City, Detroit, Lake St. Clair, Lake Huron. Color the lakes.
  • 7-3 DISCUSS how long it has taken Paddle to get to Lake Huron.
  • 7-4 GLOSSARY: portaging
  • 8 Paddle-to-the-Sea Lesson 8, Read chapters 22-23
  • 8-1 MAP Label/color Lake Erie, Niagara Falls, Lake Ontario, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Long Island.
  • 8-2 MAP Label capitals of all states discussed and cities: Toledo, Sandusky, Cleveland, Ashtabula, Erie, Buffalo, Toronto, Kingston
  • 8-3 MAP Draw/color a small freighter and a small picture of Niagara Falls and paste onto map.
  • 8-4 MOVIE National Geographic Channel "Destructive Forces" about Niagara Falls
  • 8-5 GLOSSARY: commerce, whirlpool
  • 9 Paddle-to-the-Sea Lesson 9, Read chapters 24-25
  • 9-1 MAP Label/color St. Lawrence River, Lake Champlain, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Atlantic Ocean.
  • 9-2 MAP Label capitals of VT, NH, ME, and Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec, Portland (ME), New York (NY), Washington D.C.
  • 9-3 RESEARCH Jacques Cartier & Samuel Champlain
  • 9-4 GLOSSARY: curio
  • 9-5 DISCUSS what is the most famous fishing ground in the world. What geographic factors contribute to the abundance of marine life here?
  • 10 Paddle-to-the-Sea Lesson10, Read chapters 26-27
  • 10-1 MAP Label/color New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and their capitals.
  • 10-2 DISCUSS how Paddle got to France. How did his young Indian guide react when he heard the story?
  • 10-3 NARRATE: Retell the story of Paddle's route to the sea using the map.

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