D is for Dinosaur

by Ken Ham Author

(From Amazon): D is for Dinosaur is a proven resource that makes learning the Bible fun. This revised classic from Ken and Mally Ham shares biblical insights of Noah’s Ark and the Genesis Flood to a new generation of families. Inside a parent or teacher finds all that’s needed to share the basic truths of the Gospel from A to Z, and to expand that teaching through detailed instructional tips and structured learning. The entertaining ABC rhymes and humorous illustrations will truly engage young children, while the text shares God’s Word in an “easy-to-learn” style. The flip-top format is arranged so that the colorful rhyming page faces the child while the back features a short scripted lesson with vocabulary words, questions, review, and narration exercises. 26 lessons are included with a lesson for each letter of the alphabet. Perfect for every Christian education venue, including homeschool and Sunday school. 84 pages, flip-top spiral bound, hardcover. Fold-out bottom allows for the book to be stood up.

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In Print
Bible Based Alphabet Lessons
Suggested Grades
Early Years - 6th
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Bible Based Alphabet Lessons

  • 1 A is for Answers
  • 2 B is for Bible
  • 3 C is for Continent
  • 4 D is for Dinosaur
  • 5 E is for Everything
  • 6 F is for Fantastic
  • 7 G is for Garden
  • 8 H is for Hungry
  • 9 I is for sIn
  • 10 J means Just
  • 11 K is for Knowledge
  • 12 L is for LIsten
  • 13 M is for Monster
  • 14 N is for Noah
  • 15 O is for Out
  • 16 P is for Pronounce
  • 17 Q is for Question
  • 18 R is for Reasons
  • 19 S is for Section
  • 20 T is for Tales
  • 21 U is for Understand
  • 22 V is for Very
  • 23 W is for Watchfulness
  • 24 X is for eXcited
  • 25 Y is for Years
  • 26 Z is for Zeal

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