The Story Book of Science (Yesterday's Classics)

by Jean Henri Fabre Author

(From Amazon): The wonders of plant and animal life told with rare literary charm by Uncle Paul in conversations with three children. Besides such stories as the ants' subterranean city, the spider's suspension bridge, and the caterpillars' processing, he unlocks the mystery behind thunder and lightning, clouds and rain, the year and its seasons, and volcanoes and earthquakes. Suitable for ages 9 to 12.

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Suggested Grades
4th - 6th
Yesterday's Classics


  • I The Six
  • II The Fairy Tale and the True Story
  • III The Building of the City
  • IV The Cows
  • V The Sheepfold
  • VI The Wily Dervish
  • VII A Numerous Family
  • VIII The Old Pear-Tree
  • IX The Age of Trees
  • X The Length of Animal Life
  • XI The Kettle
  • XII The Metals
  • XIII Metal Plating
  • XIV Gold and Iron
  • XV The Fleece
  • XVI Flax and Hemp
  • XVII Cotton
  • XVIII Paper
  • XIX The Book
  • XX Printing
  • XXI Butterflies
  • XXII The Big Eaters
  • XXIII Silk
  • XXIV The Metamorphosis
  • XXV Spiders
  • XXVI The Epeira's Bridge
  • XXVII The Spider's Web
  • XXVIII The Chase
  • XXIX Venomous Insects
  • XXX Venom
  • XXXI The Viper and the Scorpion
  • XXXII The Nettle
  • XXXIII Processionary Caterpillars
  • XXXIV The Storm
  • XXXV Electricity
  • XXXVI The Experiment With the Cat
  • XXXVII The Experiment With Paper
  • XXXVIII Franklin and De Romas
  • XXXIX Thunder and the Lightening-Rod
  • XL Effects of the Thunderbolt
  • XLI Clouds
  • XLII The Velocity of Sound
  • XLIII The Experiment with the Bottle of Cold Water
  • XLIV Rain
  • XLV Volcanoes
  • XLVI Catania
  • XLVII The Story of Pliny
  • XLVIII The Boiling Pot
  • XLIX The Locomotive
  • L Emile's Observation
  • LI A Journey to the End of the World
  • LII The Earth
  • LIII The Atmosphere
  • LIV The Sun
  • LV Day and Night
  • LVI The Years and its Seasons
  • LVII Belladonna Berries
  • LVIII Poisonous Plants
  • LIX The Blossom
  • LX Fruit
  • LXI Pollen
  • LXII The Bumble-Bee
  • LXIII Mushrooms
  • LXIV In the Woods
  • LXV The Orange-Agaric
  • LXVI Earthquakes
  • LXX Shells
  • LXXI The Spiral Snail
  • LXXII Mother-of-Pearl and Pearls
  • LXXIII The Sea
  • LXXIV Waves Salt Seaweeds
  • LXXV Running Waters
  • LXXVI The Swarm
  • LXXVII Wax
  • LXXVIII The Cells
  • LXXIX Honey
  • LXXX The Queen-Bee

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