Life and Her Children: Glimpses of Animal Life from the Amoeba to the Insects

by Arabella B. Buckley Author

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  • 1 Life and Her Children
  • 2 Life's Simplest Children, How They Live, and Move, and Build
  • 3 How Sponges Live
  • 4 The Lasso-Thrower of the Ponds and Oceans
  • 5 How Star-Fish Walk and Sea-Urchins Grow
  • 6 The Mantle-Covered Animals, and How They Live With Heads and Without Them
  • 7 The Outcasts of Animal LIfe, and the Elastic-Ringed Animals by Sea and Land
  • 8 The Mailed Warriors of the Sea, with Ringed Bodies and Jointed Feet
  • 9 The Snare-Weavers and Their Hunting Relations
  • 10 Insect Suckers and Biters Which Change Their Coats but not their Bodies
  • 11 Insect Sippers and Gnawers which Remodel their Bodies within their Coats
  • 12 Intelligent Insects with Helpless Children, as illustrated by the Ants

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