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The sixteen lessons are comprised of three progressive components: sayART™, seeART™, and doART™. Each of the sixteen lessons takes a contextual approach to the principles and history of art, blending humor, animation and storytelling. sayART: So, how well do you speak a foreign language? Most people don't realize that art is also a language, and a universal language at that. With Creativity Express, students learn how to use art as a language and as an important form of self-expression. seeART: What choices do artists make to tell stories? Students see how artistic principles were applied, given the period in which the artist lived and the medium used to tell their story. Creativity Express features a Virtual gallery⿻ showcasing relevant and famous works of art. doART: Ready to make some choices and take risks to create your own art? It's the student's turn to create their masterpiece of art telling their story or sharing their emotion.


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In Print
Suggested Grades
2nd - 8th


  • 1 For The Love Of Language
  • 2 Mad About Messaging
  • 3 Emphasis with Ease
  • 4 A World of Values
  • 5 Color Your World
  • 6 Creative Concoctions
  • 7 Some Like It Hot
  • 8 Walk the Line
  • 9 Purely Portraits
  • 10 Movin' on Up
  • 11 Time After Time
  • 12 You Only Have Eyes for Art
  • 13 Getting In Shape
  • 14 Night at the Museum
  • 15 Fun with Fibonacci
  • 16 Inspiration Station

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