Visits to North America [SCM]

Explore North America through captivating photography, a traveler's firsthand accounts, and step-by-step work with maps, plus lots of ideas for additional living books and activities.

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1st - 12th
Geographical Setting
North America
Simply Charlotte Mason


  • 1 Map the countries of North America
  • 2 Get to know the Madsen family in Greenland
  • 3 Map the provinces of Canada: Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island
  • 4 Map the provinces of Canada: Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba
  • 5 Map the provinces of Canada: Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia
  • 6 Map the provinces of Canada: Northwest Territories, Yukon, Nunavut
  • 7 Islands and Review of Canada
  • 8 Mountains and Review
  • 9 Get to know the Castillo Balderas Family in Mexico
  • 10 Make your own map of Mexico
  • 11 Get to know the Casales family in Mexico
  • 12 Lakes and Review
  • 13 Map the United States: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York
  • 14 Map the United States: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut
  • 15 Map the United States: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland
  • 16 Map the United States: Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina
  • 17 Get to know the Revis family in North Carolina
  • 18 Make your own map of North Carolina
  • 19 Map the United States: South Carolina, Georgia, Florida
  • 20 Map the United States: Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas
  • 21 Get to know the Skeen family in Texas
  • 22 Make your own map of Texas
  • 23 Get to know the Fernandez family in Texas
  • 24 Rivers and Review
  • 25 Map the United States: Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio
  • 26 Map the United States: Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma
  • 27 Map the United States: New Mexico, Arizona, California
  • 28 Get to know the Caven family in California
  • 29 Make your own map of California
  • 30 Map the United States: Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming
  • 31 Map the United States: Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Montana
  • 32 Map the United States: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa
  • 33 Make your own map of your state or region
  • 34 Map the United States: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan
  • 35 Map the United States: Alaska, Hawaii
  • 36 Map the United States: District of Columbia

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