The Young Man's Handybook

by Mrs. Gail Kappenman Author, Mrs. Martha Greene Author

(from Amazon) Does your son love to cook? Does he like to EAT?? Marmee says: "Like to eat? Then learn to cook!!" This is the boy's version of "Marmee's Kitchen Primer" but grew to 183 pages as it includes much more than a cookbook for boys! It is a loaded Handybook for BOYS who want to be REAL BOYS! This 8 x11 spiral bound book is filled with instructions and a guide to prepared on the homefront! Here is the table of contents: IN THE KITCHEN - LIke to eat? Learn to cook! Kitchen Rules How to Measure Ingredients Reading a Recipe Dirty Dishes in the Sink? Setting the Table Kitchen Tools Kitchen Dictionary Recipes for Good Eatin" - over 40 simple recipes boys will enjoy making! THE YOUNG GENTLEMAN - Put your best foot forward Mealtime Manners Manners at Home A Gentleman's Way in Public All Dressed UP! FIRST AID & SAFETY - You might just be hero! Emergency Situations Bangs, Bumps, Bites & Bees Fire & Ice Be Safe - Not Sorry! THE YOUNG HANDYMAN - Helping Hands Around the Home Low Down on Laundry Brooms N Mops Simple Home Repairs Plumber's Helper Let There Be Light! Wash the Wheels Keeping It TIdy LET'S GO TO THE WOODSHED - Working with Wood Whittling Build Your Own Toolbox Back Yard Birdhouse Speedy Paddle Boats Cabin in the Wild Acre Wodd ALONG THE GARDEN FENCE - Worms, Tools and Digging in the Dirt! Garden Tools Planning & Planting a Garden Worms, Bugs and Creepy Crawlies Growing for $$$ Seth's Split Rail Fence THE COUNTRY BOY - Outdoor adventures Sleeping under the Stars Hooking the Big Un' Take a Hike Tied in Knots Bull's Eye OUTGROWING THE PIGGYBANK - Learning to manage your money Small Fortunes Bookkeeping 101 Money Wasters

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Print Status
In Print
Suggested Grades
Early Years - 8th
Greene Acres Publications


  • 1 Kitchen Rules
  • 2 How to Measure Ingredients
  • 3 Reading a Recipe
  • 4 Dirty Dishes in the Sink
  • 5 Setting the Table
  • 6 Kitchen Tools
  • 7 Kitchen Dictionary
  • 8 Recipes for Good Eatin'
  • 9 Mealtime Manners
  • 10 Manners at Home
  • 11 A Gentleman's Way in Public
  • 12 All Dressed Up
  • 13 Emergency Situations
  • 14 Bangs, Bumps, Bites & Bees
  • 15 Fire & Ice
  • 16 Be Safe, Not Sorry
  • 17 Low Down on Laundry
  • 18 Brooms 'n' Mops
  • 19 Simple Home Maintenance
  • 20 Plumber's Helper
  • 21 Let There Be Light
  • 22 Wash the Wheels
  • 23 Keeping It Tidy
  • 24 Whittling
  • 25 Build Your Own Toolbox
  • 26 Backyard Birdhouse
  • 27 Ezra's Speedy Paddle Boat
  • 28 Cabin in the Wild Acre Wood
  • 29 Garden Tools
  • 30 Planning & Planting a Garden
  • 31 Worms, Bugs, & Creepy Crawlies
  • 32 Growing for $$$
  • 33 Seth's Split Rail Fence
  • 34 Sleeping Under the Stars
  • 35 Hooking the Big Un'
  • 36 Take a Hike
  • 37 Tied in Knots
  • 38 Bull's Eyes
  • 39 Small Fortunes
  • 40 Bookkeeping
  • 41 Money Wasters

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