What to Look for in Winter

by E.L Grant Watson Author

Many people seem to think that there is nothing to see in the countryside in the cold , wet winter months, but this book is designed to show how very many things there are to interest you if you know what to look for. Engaging descriptions of the natural world in winter with color illustrations throughout.

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Early Years - 8th
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  • 4 Ivy, berries, bracken, hedge trimming
  • 6 Woods, snails, ferns, mosses, cock-pheasant
  • 8 Hawthorn tree, brambles, threshing corn, white geese
  • 10 Water birds, bulrushes, red-polls, siskins
  • 12 Cows, fieldfarer birds, cow-parsnip and red campion seed heads
  • 14 Organic fertilizer, magpies, wood-pigeons, rooks, jackdaws, ash tree
  • 14 Laurel, Yew & Scots Pine trees, thrushes and blackbirds
  • 18 Holly tree, redwings, poplar tree, mistletoe
  • 20 Ducks: mallard, widgeon, tufted duck. Swans, herons, snipe
  • 22 Stoat, crested-grebe
  • 24 Rabbit, fox and stoat tracks, barn owl, mice
  • 26 Finches, , thorn tree, slicing hay, cart horse
  • 28 Starlings, magpies, wren
  • 30 Ploughing field, black-headed gulls, lapwings, young rooks, hare
  • 32 Tree cutting, fox hunting
  • 34 Mangold roots, field-mice, farm work, kestrel hawk
  • 36 Lambing, jackdaws, thorn tree, mistle-thrushes, hay stacks
  • 38 larch tree, blue tits, great tit, mosses, ferns, periwinkle, heliotrope
  • 40 Hazel catkins, pollination, honeysuckle vines, blackbird, elm tree, plovers, swans
  • 42 Stone walls, pennywort, hart's-tongue, spleenwort gern, wild arum, voilets
  • 44 Sowing corn, horse-chestnut tree, wood-pigeons, beech tree
  • 46 Ducks, gulls, flood-water, butter-cups, fox-gloves, primrose, gorse bush
  • 48 Snowdrops, purple crocuses, yellow aconites, jasmine, bees
  • 50 Ivy berries, brimstone butterfly, celandine, yellow coltsfoot, sparrows

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