Enid Blyton's Nature Lover's Book (Centenary Fiction)

by Enid Blyton Author

(From Amazon): First published in 1944, this delightful collection of stories, poems, and nature facts is centered on three children and their uncle who takes them on nature walks, unveiling the delights of the countryside throughout the seasons. Poems by Enid Blyton as well as classic works by Wordsworth, Keats, and others are accompanied by lush illustrations of various animals and plants. A field guide to common birds and plants is also provided, making this a must-have for nature lovers young and old.

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In Print
Suggested Grades
Early Years - 6th
Evans Brothers
Centenary ed


  • 1 First Walk in January: The Four Ramblers
  • 2 Second Walk in January: All Round the Garden
  • 3 First Walk in February: St Valentine's Day
  • 4 Second Walk in February:The World is So Full of a Number of Things
  • 5 First Walk in March: March Many Weathers
  • 6 Second Walk in March: Marching into Spring
  • 7 First Walk in April: April Showers
  • 8 Second Walk in April: Birds in April
  • 9 First Walk in May: April Showers bring forth Many Flowers
  • 10 Second Walk in May: Summer is Here
  • 11 First Walk in June: A Ramble at Night
  • 12 Second Walk in June: A Midsummer's Night
  • 13 First Walk in July: St Swithin's Day
  • 14 Second Walk in July: Summer Holidays
  • 15 First Walk in August: A Seaside Walk
  • 16 Second Walk in August: Off to the Seaside Again
  • 17 First Walk in September: Harvest Days
  • 18 Second Walk in September: Early in the Morning
  • 19 First Walk in October: Autumn Days
  • 20 Second Walk in October: An Exciting Ramble
  • 21 First Walk in November: November Mists
  • 22 Second Walk in November: Green Trees in November
  • 23 First Walk in December: December Days
  • 24 Second Walk in December: Christmas Day

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