Everyday Battles: Knowing God Through Our Daily Conflicts

(From Amazon): Every battle we face is designed to show us more of what God is like. In his final book, Bob Schultz delves into God's purpose for battles and conflicts in our lives. Simple and engaging, Everyday Battles offers perspective on how to find God in the heart of daily conflicts and decisions. Written for young men, this book will help anyone who desires to experience a vibrant, moment-by-moment walk with God. Topics include: Why God Allows Battles and Suffering What to do at the First Sign of Conflict What God Really Thinks of You How to Gain the Wisdom You Need to Make Decisions The One Decision Left for You to Make Bob s passion was investing in men and families, and authoring books was part of that. He was nearly finished with Everyday Battles when he collapsed with a fatal heart attack moments after a speaking engagement. At the request of loyal readers across the nation, his final, partially completed manuscript is now available.


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  • 1 Wrestling
  • 2 A Common Lie
  • 3 Confrontations
  • 4 Abiding in the Conqueror
  • 5 Fighting Within: Part 1
  • 6 Fighting Within: Part 2
  • 7 A Fascinating Discovery
  • 8 Vincent
  • 9 A Few More Skirmishes
  • 10 One Battle to Fight; One Decision to Make
  • 11 A Design for Judges
  • 12 Making Your Own Decisions
  • 13 What's Left for Me to Do?
  • 14 Birding?
  • 15 A Warrior's Secret
  • 16 Warm Milk, Tuna, and a Round Tummy
  • 17 Your Source of Strength
  • 18 Chastisement
  • 19 Two Important Pieces of Armor
  • 20 Know Your Refuge and the Pathway There
  • 21 If You Want Trouble
  • 22 What If You Won't Run for the Refuge?
  • 23 The Mystery
  • 24 One Clue of the Mystery
  • 25 Fighting Fame
  • 26 Epilogue

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