Handwriting Without Tears: Cursive Handwriting

This Third Grade program introduces a clean, clear vertical style of cursive. The emphasis is on developing correct habits for forming and connecting letters. The simple vertical style and emphasis on connections make cursive easy for all children. Special "Review and Mastery" pages promote speed and fluency. With this program, cursive becomes an automatic skill. Features: Clean, vertical style without extravagant loops or tails Simple and effective techniques for connecting letters Easy transition from printing to cursive Highlights: Review and Mastery" activities to develop fluency Large step-by-step instructions with fun illustrations Valuable support for other language arts activities Double lines for correct letter placement and an easy transition to notebook paper

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In Print
Suggested Grades
3rd - 3rd
Jan Z. Olsen


  • 2-9 c a d g
  • 10-15 h t p
  • 16-21 e l f
  • 22-23 Review and Mastery
  • 24 Translate Print to Cursive
  • 25 Silly Spelling
  • 26-33 u y i j
  • 34-35 Review and Mastery
  • 36-41 k r s
  • 42-43 Review and Mastery
  • 44-51 o w b v
  • 52-55 Tow Truck Connections
  • 56-57 Review and Mastery
  • 58-63 m n
  • 64-65 Review and Mastery
  • 66-71 x z q
  • 72-73 Review and Mastery
  • 74 A C O U
  • 75 V W X Y Z
  • 76-77 P B R N M
  • 78-79 H K J F
  • 80-81 I J D L
  • 82-83 G S E Q
  • 84 Capital Review

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Handwriting Without Tears - Cursive

Reviewed by Parent/Teacher

Handwriting Without Tears is a terrific way to teach your child to write, especially if you have a reluctant writer. When it comes time to learn to write cursive, in our experience, girls are much more excited to learn how to write cursive than boys are! This program was great for both our boys, and our girls, as it is all very nicely explained, simply done, and taught with ease, that makes learning cursive not so overwhelming. It's nice to see happy smiles while they do their writing, and not hear groaning and complaining the whole time. :+)

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