What to Look for in Spring

by E.L Grant Watson Author

Detailed, evocative descriptions of the natural world in the British Countryside in springtime. Beautiful illustrations throughout by C.F Tunnicliffe. Companion volume to "What to look for in Winter" "What to lookf or in Summer" and "What to look for in Autumn."

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Out of Print
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1st - 8th
Geographical Setting
Great Britain
Wills & Hepworth Ltd (Ladybird Books)


  • 4 March: Alder catkins, pussy-willow, mallard drakes, great-crested grebe, cold winds, ploughing
  • 6 March: Voilets, colsfoot, celandine, decaying leaves, hedge-sparrows, moles
  • 8 March: Tilling wheat, hand-sowing, blackheaded gulls, lapwings, rooks, elm trees
  • 10 March: Elm tree buds, rook's nests, heron nests
  • 12 March: Hares, hawthorn trees, fieldfares, migrating geese, Wheatears
  • 14 March: Sallow-willow tree, catkins, coots, great-crested grebes, reed-bunting bird
  • 16 March: heliotrope, butterbur, grey wagtails, miller's-thumb fish, fresh-water crayfish
  • 18 March: Primroses:petals, stamens and pistils. Ladybirds, oil beetle, elder tree, chiff-chaff bird
  • 20 March: Frogspawn, large crested-newts, sticklebacks, minnows
  • 22 April: Lambing, foxgloves, blackthorn bushes, skylarks, green plover, lapwings
  • 24 April: Brook-line, flag-iris, marsh-marigolds, alder tree, water-shrew, kingfisher
  • 26 April: Larch tree, Ash, blackthorn bushes, magpies
  • 28 April: Moorhen nests, willow-warbler, swans, sandpiper
  • 30 April: Springtime flowers: Adoxa, wood-sorrel, wood-anemones, wood-voilets. Bank vole
  • 32 April: Hawthorn tree, cherry tree, cuckoo, jackdaws
  • 34 April: Woodland undergrowth, wren, cuckoo-bees
  • 36 May: Blackthorn and gorse bush, daisies, cowslips, Alexandes, sow, terns
  • 38 May: Partridge nest, wild arum, flies, Bracken, caterpillar, moths
  • 40 May: Deer, bluebells, woodcock, wood-warbler, crab-apple
  • 42 May: Bream fish, coots, reed and sedge warblers, drake mallards
  • 44 May: Horses, Hawthorn tree, bracken, spring flowers, lapwing chicks
  • 46 May: Brown trout, mayflies, grey-drake, crowfoot
  • 48 May: Horse-chestnut tree, turtle dove, swifts
  • 50 May: Herring gulls, cliff-top plants and flowers, bumble bee, lichens

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