Flags and Emblems of Australia

by Jill B Bruce Author, Jan Wade Illustrator

From the back of the book: The Australian Commonwealth and its States and Territories have colourful and interesting flags, historic coats of arms and beautiful animal, bird and flower emblems. This book has detailed information about them all with each beautifully illustrated in glorious colour. No other book of this kind has been published recently, and it is an invaluable and attractive reference book in schools, libraries and homes, and a wonderful souvenir for visitors.

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  • 3 The Australian Flag
  • 4-5 Emblems of Australia
  • 6 Australia's Coat of Arms
  • 7 The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flags
  • 8 Australian Capital Territory Flag and Coat of Arms
  • 9-10 Emblems of ACT
  • 11 New South Wales' Flag and Coat of Arms
  • 12-13 Emblems of NSW
  • 14 Victoria's Flag and Floral Emblem
  • 15 Victoria's Coat of Arms
  • 16 Emblems of VIC
  • 17 QLD's Flag and Coat of Arms
  • 18-19 Emblems of QLD
  • 20-21 Tasmania's Flag, Flower, and Coat of Arms
  • 22 Emblems of TAS
  • 23 SA's Flag and Coat of Arms
  • 24-25 Emblems of SA
  • 26-27 WA's Flag, Flower and Coat of Amrs
  • 28 Emblems of WA
  • 29 NT's Flag and Coat of Arms
  • 30-31 Emblems of the NT
  • 32 Norfolk Island's Flag and Coat of Arms
  • 33 The Eureka Flag
  • 34 Moves for a New National Flag
  • 35 Marine Emblems
  • 36 Gemstone and Fossil Emblems

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