Over the Hills (My Book House, Vol. 5)

by Olive Beaupre Miller Editor

(From Amazon): In "Over the Hills," the child, having passed through the gate, journeys still farther afield in his excursions into life. He travels to Switzerland in the beautiful story of "Heidi in the Alpine Pasture," written by the great Swiss author of the children's stories,Johanna Spyri. In "The Nuremburg Stove," by Louise de la Ramee, he shares all the adventures of the boy August, hidden int he beautiful porcelain stove, and he goes with August on the thrilling journey from Austria to Munich.


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Suggested Grades
1st - 12th
The Book House for Children


  • 1 Story: The Story of Tom Thumb, An English Folk Tale, p11
  • 2 Story: Jack and the Beanstalk, An English Folk Tale, p 20
  • 3 Story: Dick Whittington and His Cat, An English Folk Tale, p33
  • 4 Story: The Boyhood of Robert Fulton, Steamboat Inventor,p48
  • 5 Poem: The Switchyard, John Curtis Underwood, p 53
  • 6 Story: The Pony Engine and the Pacific Express, Wm. Dean Howells, p54
  • 7 Poem: Casey Jones, A Song of the Railroad Men, p 64
  • 8 Poem: Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright, R&S Vincent Binet, p 66
  • 9 Story: A Boy in Paris, the boyhood of Jacques Anatole Thibault, p 68
  • 10 Story: How Jack Sought the Golden Apples, An English Folk Tale, p76
  • 11 Story: The Red Ettin, A tale told in England and Scotland, p 90
  • 12 Story: The Steamboat and the Locomotive, Gelett Burgess, p 96
  • 13 Story: Little Gulliver, Louisa May Alcott, p103
  • 14 Poem: The Sea Gull, Mary Howitt, p 111
  • 15 Poem: All About Columbus, p 112
  • 16 Poem: In Columbus' Time, p 112
  • 17 Poem: The First Thanksgiving Day, p 113
  • 18 Poem: We Thank Thee, Ralph Waldo Wmerson, p 115
  • 19 Story: George Washington and the First American Flag, p 116
  • 20 Poem: The Fourth of July, Olive Beaupre Miller, p 127
  • 21 Poem: Abraham Lincoln, R&S Vincent Benet, p 128
  • 22 Story: A Story about Abe Lincoln, p 129
  • 23 Poem: John Hentry, the Big Steel-Drivin' Man, from American Ballads, p 135
  • 24 Story: Why the Sea is Salt, A Norse Folk Tale, Gudrun Thorne-Thomsen, p 140
  • 25 Story: Heidi in the Alpine Pasture, Johanna Spyri, p 147
  • 26 Story: Boots and his Brothers, Sir George Webbe Dasent, p 156
  • 27 Story: The Nuremberg Stove, Louise de la Ramee, page 162
  • 28 Poem: Hiawatha's Childhood, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, p 182
  • 29 Story: Little Diamond in the North Wind, George MacDonald, p 186
  • 30 Story: Thumbelisa, Hans Christian Anderson, p 206
  • 31 Story: the Babe of Bethlehem, from the Bible, p 222

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