Through Fairy Halls (My Book House, Vol. 6)

by Olive Beaupre Miller Editor

(From Amazon): This is: MY BOOK HOUSE - Volume Number SIX; Through Fairy Halls. Edited by Olive Beaupre Miller. Published by The Book House for Children, Chicago, copyright 1950. This book measures approx 7 1/4" by 9 3/8". It has a sewn binding and 224 pages. The boards are covered in green cloth. There is a paste-down paper illustration on the front. The titles appear on the front and on the spine. The end pages are illustrated with images of children looking at a castle that are signed by Mariel Wilhoite. The tales and fables in this book are accompanied by wonderful art work--much of it is signed by named artists, such as: M.L.H.; Maud-Miska Petersham; Donn P Crane; Mariel Wilhoite; D. Ellerbrook; Hetherington; Martha E Miller; Ila McAfee; Johnny Gurelle; P.B.A.; M.D. Charleson; H.R. McB; Don Nelson; Herbert Rudeen; Katharine S Dodge ... and more. Some illustrations are multi-color others are B&W. This books contains, along with the standards of our culture, some wonderful tales that are not so commonly known, including some from other countries/cultures.

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1st - 12th
The Book House for Children


  • 1 Story: Chylde Roland and the Goblin King, An English Folk Tale, p 11
  • 2 Story: The Sleeping Beauty, Tchaikovsky, p 19
  • 3 Poem: The Assembling of the Fays, Joseph Rodman Drake, p 25
  • 4 Story: The Good Comrades of the Flying Ship, A Russian Folk Tale, p 26
  • 5 Poem: Judging by Appearances, Emilie Poulsson, p 33
  • 6 Poem: Mr. Moon, Bliss Carman, p 34
  • 7 Story: A Midsummer Night's Dream, retold from Wm. Shakespear, p 36
  • 8 Story: A Musical Visit to Fairyland, a story of Felix Mendelssohn, p 58
  • 9 Story: Daniel O'Rourke, adapted from T. Crofton Croker, p 62
  • 10 Poem: Wild Flowers, Peter Newell, p 69
  • 11 Poem: Hie Away, Hie Away, Sir Walter Scott, p 70
  • 12 Story: The Twelve Months, A Czechoslovakian Fairy Tale, p 71
  • 13 Poem: Providence, Joseph Addison, p 79
  • 14 Story: The Princess on the Glass Hill, Sir George Webbe Dasent, p 80
  • 15 Story: The Three Wishes, a Spanish Fairy Tale, p 92
  • 16 Poem: A Boy's Song, James Hogg, p96
  • 17 Poem: April, John Galsworthy, p 97
  • 18 Story: The Squire's Bride, Peter Christen Asbjornsen, p 98
  • 19 Story: How Yehl, the Hero, Freed the Beaming Maiden, an Alaskan Legend, p 102
  • 20 Story: The Luck Boy of Toy Valley, Katherine Dunlap Cather, p 108
  • 21 Story: The Boy who Made his own Materials, p 114
  • 22 Story: The Strong Boy, A Canadian Tale, p 118
  • 23 Story: The Man who Loved Hai Quai, An Indian Tale of Mt. Tacoma, p 127
  • 24 Poem: It, James Whitcomb Riley, p 131
  • 25 Poem: The Mice, a Winnebego Fable, p 131
  • 26 Story: The Lost Spear, a South African Tale, p 132
  • 27 Story: Jack the Giant Killer, an English Folk Tale, p 140
  • 28 Story: Teh Duty that was not Paid, Katherine Dunlap Cathar, p 159
  • 29 Story: The Wonderland of an Artist's Workshop, a story of Leonardo da Vinci, p 164
  • 30 Story; The Wise Men of Gotham, p 170
  • 31 Poem: Little Shepherd's Song, Wm. Alexander Percy, p 173
  • 32 Story: The Three Sillies, Joseph Jacobs, p174
  • 33 Poem: The Merman, Alfred Tennyson, p 178
  • 34 Story: Daniel in the Lions' Den, from the book of Daniel, p 180
  • 35 Story: The Fairyland of Science, a story of John Henri Fabre, p 184
  • 36 Poem: Fairy Forests, Alfred Noyes, p 190
  • 37 Story: Pigling and her Proud Sister, a Korean Cincerella Tale, p 191
  • 38 Poems: Little Pictures from Far Japan, 4 Haiku Poems, p 196
  • 39 Story: The Fisherman who Caught the Sun, An Hawaiian Legend, p 198
  • 40 Poem: A Tropical Morning at Sea, Edward Rowland Sill, p 201
  • 41 Story: Aruman, a Hero of Java, p 202
  • 42 Poem: A Story from the Flower of Old Japan, Alfred Noyes, p209
  • 43 Story: The Moon-Maiden, A Japanese Fairy Tale, p 210
  • 44 Story: Little Nell and Mrs. Jarley's Wax-Works, Charles Dickens, p 213
  • 45 Poem: The Fountain, James Russell Lowell, p 224

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