The Magic Garden (My Book House, Vol. 7)

by Olive Beaupre Miller Editor

The Magic Garden continues with Boys and girls in the period of Wonder Tales.

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1st - 12th
The Book House for Children


  • 1 Story: Miska and the Man-with-the-Iron-Head, An Hungarian Folk Tale, p11
  • 2 Story: The Youth who wanted some Fun, A Welsh Fairy Tale, p 20
  • 3 Story: The Trial by Fire, A Maori Folk Tale from New Zealand, p 26
  • 4 Story: East O' the Sun and West O' the Moon, a Norse Folk Tale, p 31
  • 5 Story: The Maiden, the Knight, and the Waterfall, A Roumanian Folk Tale, p 40
  • 6 Poem: The Cataract of Lodore, Robert Southey, p 47
  • 7 Story: The Snow-Queen, Hans Christian Anderson, p 48
  • 8 Poem: The Bells, Edgar Allan Poe, p 71
  • 9 Poem: The Sky at Night, from the Bible, p 72
  • 10 Story: David, the Shepherd Boy, retold from the Bible, p 73
  • 11 Story: Rhodopis and her Gilded Sandals, a folk tale of Ancient Egypt, p 84
  • 12 Story: Phaeton, a Greek Myth, p 90
  • 13 Poem: The Cloud, Percy Bysshe Shelley, p 95
  • 14 Story: The Prince who Rode through a Mousehole, a Czech folk tale, p 96
  • 15 Story: Vladimir's Adventures in Search of Fortune, a Yogoslavian tale from Serbia, p 102
  • 16 Story: A Litte Man as Big as your Thumb with Mustaches Seven Miles Long, a Russian Tale, p112
  • 17 Story: Columbine and her Playfellows of the Italian Pantomime, p 119
  • 18 Story: The Six Swan, a German Fairy Tale, p 126
  • 19 Poem: The Acorn and the Pumpkin, La Fontaine, p 132
  • 20 Story: The Golden Bird, a German Fairy Tale, p 134
  • 21 Story: The Winter's Tale, from Shakespeare, retold by Charles & Mary Lamb, p 144
  • 22 Poem: White Horses, Hamish Hendry, p 158
  • 23 Poem: Song on a May Morning, John Milton, p 159
  • 24 Story: The Renowned & World Famous Adventures of Punch and Judy, p160
  • 25 Poem: Theh Peddler's Song, Wm. Shakespeare, p 171
  • 26 Poem: The Raggle, Tabble Gypsies, old Folk Song, p 172
  • 27 Story: The Knights of the Silver Shield, Raymond MacDonald Alden, p 173
  • 28 Story: David Copperfield and Little Em'ly, arranged from Charles Dickens, p 182
  • 29 Story: Gigi and the Magic Ring, an Italian Fairy Tale by Anne Macdonell, p 199
  • 30 Story: The Golden Touch, Nathaniel Hawthorne, p 210

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