The Treasure Chest of My Bookhouse, Vol. 4

by Olive Beaupre Miller Editor

Vintage storybook with great pictures and stories - The Treasure Chest continues with more true stories of adventure as well as fairytales

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In Print
Suggested Grades
3rd - 12th
The Bookhouse for Children


  • 1 Story: The Story of Daniel Boone, Olive Beaupre Miller, p 7
  • 2 Story: The Boyhood of Buffalo Bill, from his autobiography, p 30
  • 3 Poem: The Plains' Call, Arthur Chapman, p 39
  • 4 Story: The Adventures of Alexander Selkirk, p 40
  • 5 Poem: Solitude, Lord Byron, p 65
  • 6 Story: George Rogers Clark and the Conquest of the Northwest, Theodore Roosevelt, p 66
  • 7 Story: The Rough Rider, p 72
  • 8 Poem: Hiawatha's Fasting, a Legend of the First Indian Corn, Longfellow p 89
  • 9 Story: Peer Gynt, told from the play by Henrik Ibsen, p 98
  • 10 Story: Francois Villon, the Vagabond of Paris, Olive Beaupre Miller, p 120
  • 11 Poem: The Ballad of East and West, Rudyard Kipling, p 129
  • 12 Story: Gideon, the Warrior, from the Book of Judges, p 134
  • 13 Story: the Adventures of Perseus, a Greek Muth, p 140
  • 14 Story: The Labors of Hercules, a Greek Myth, p 151
  • 15 Story: Thor's Journey to Jo'tun-heim, a Norse Myth, p 164
  • 16 Poem: Thor, from the Saga of King Olaf, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, p 171
  • 17 Story: The Stealing of I-du'na, A Norse Myth p 172
  • 18 Poem: How the Goddess of Spring Came to Scoring, Charles Kingsley, p 176
  • 19 Story: The Rose and the Ring, William Makespeace Thakeray, p 177

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