From the Tower Window (My Book House, Vol 10)

by Olive Beaupre Miller Editor

(From Amazon): Volume 10 of 12 Volumes. First Edition in this binding. Navy blue cloth binding with gold gilt lettering. Paste-down illustration by M.D. Charleson. Illustrated end papers and illustrations throughout. The Book House for Children was the brainchild of author and editor, Olive Beaupre Miller. Miller was constantly seeking appropriate children's literature to read to her daughter. She considered stories proper if they fit three criteria: They had to be well written, make a positive ethical statement, and be graded to fit the developmental age of the child. If she was unable to find a story or poem that met all three requirements, she wrote one herself. Eventually, she created a collection of children's literature that has delighted both children and their parents for nearly a century. The English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Finnish, Norse, Russian, French, Spanish, German, Roman, Greek, Persian, Indian, and Biblical epic stories and poems in this volume include: As You Like It from William Shakespeare; Bannockburn: Robert Bruce's Address to His Army by Robert Burns; A Cavalier Tune by Robert Browning; The Children's Crusade; A Chronicle of Kiev; Cuculain: The Irish Hound; Evening at the Farm by John Townsend Trowbridge; The Exile of Rama; The Viking Frithjof; Gathering Song of Donuil Dhu by Sir Walter Scott; The Home-Coming of Odysseus; How Beowulf Delivered Heorot; Joan of Arc; Joseph and His Brethren; Kalevala, Land of Heroes; The Legend of William Tell; Lohengrin from the opera by Richard Wagner; Opportunity by Edward Rowland Sill; A Perfect Knight by Geoffrey Chaucer; Richard Feverel and the Hay-Rick by George Meredith; Robert Bruce, Scotland's Hero; Sir Beaumains, the Kitchen Knight; The Song of Roland; A Story of Rustem, the Hero of Persia from The Shah-Nameh by Firdusi; The Story of the Cid; The Wanderings of Aeneas; and The Word of Igor's Armament.

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In Print
Suggested Grades
5th - 12th
The Book House/Bookhouse for Children/1937/First Edition
Navy Blue


  • 1 Poem: A Perfect Knight, by Geoffrey Chaucer, p 7
  • 2 Story: Sir Beaumains, the Kitchen Knight, a Legend of the Round Table, p 8
  • 3 Poem: Opportunity, Edward Rowland Sill, p 18
  • 4 Poem: A Cavalier Tune, Robert Browning, p 19
  • 5 Poem: Gathering Song of Donuil Dhu, Sir Walter Scott, p 20
  • 6 Story: Robert Bruce, Scotland's Hero, p 21
  • 7 Poem: Bannockburn, Robert Bruce's Address ot his Army by Robert Burns, p 29
  • 8 Story: The Song of Roland, a French Epic, retold from Chanson de Roland, p 38
  • 9 Story: The Legend of William Tell, p 44
  • 10 Story: Joseph and his Brethren, retold from the Bible, p 48
  • 11 Story: Richard Feverel and the Hay-Rick, George Meredith, p 54
  • 12 Poem: Evening at the Farm, John Townsend Trowbridge, p 79
  • 13 Story: How Beowulf Delivered Heorot, retold from old English Epic Beowolf, p 80
  • 14 Story: Lohengrin, retold from the Opera by Richard Wagner, p 89
  • 15 Story: Joan of Arc, p 98
  • 16 Story: The Story of teh Cid, a Spanish Epic retold from the poem, p 108
  • 17 Poem: A Chronicle of Kiev, p 118
  • 18 Story: The Word of Igor's Armament, old 12th cent Russian Epic, p 119
  • 19 Story: Frithjof, the Viking, Norse Saga, p 130
  • 20 Story: Kavevala, Land of Heroes, Finish Epic, p 151
  • 21 Story: As You Like It, retold from the play by Wm. Shakespeare, p 165
  • 22 Story: The Exile of Rama, from the Indian Poem Ramayana, p 175
  • 23 Story: Cuculain, the Irish Hound, Ancient Gaelic Tale, p 188
  • 24 Story: The Wanderings of Aeneas, retold from Virgil, p 203
  • 25 Story: The Home-Coming of Odysseus, retold from Homer, p 217
  • 26 Story: A Story of Rustem, the Hero of Persia, from Book of Kings, p 228

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