American Cardinal Readers - Book Two

by Edith M. McLaughlin Author

(From Amazon): Long used by most Catholic schools and countless homeschooling families, the American Cardinal Readers are tried and true, well-loved companions for children developing their reading skills. The American Cardinal Readers begin following the family adventures of John, Jean, and Baby, with simple sentences to ease your child into reading stories. As he or she progresses through the series, the books grow longer, the vocabulary expands, and the stories become more complex, guiding and challenging young readers to enhance their reading comprehension.Young readers also become acquainted with classic children s authors and poets, such as Robert Louis Stevenson, Lewis Carroll, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and beloved Catholic writers like St. Therese of Lisieux, G.K. Chesterton, and Francis Thompson. Explore the realm of literature from short stories, parables, poems, fables, and folk tales, the narratives accompanied by charming black and white illustrations.The American Cardinal Readers are a necessity and a treasure in the library of any homeschooler or Catholic family interested in immersing their littlest readers in quality literature. These hardcovers are guaranteed to withstand the test of time in every way. Order your set now!


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Suggested Grades
2nd - 2nd
Neumann Press


  • 1 Whose Birthday Was Best
  • 2 The Christ Child
  • 3 How Ruth Found Her Way
  • 4 Eyvind and Marit
  • 5 Tabby Gray
  • 6 A Trip to the Woods
  • 7 Squirrel, Squirrel
  • 8 The Boy and the Fox
  • 9 Something to Guess
  • 10 St. Francis and the Wolf
  • 11 The Stories The Pictures Told
  • 12 The Christmas Secret
  • 13 The Christmas Tree in the Forest
  • 14 Clare's New Sister
  • 15 The Little Gray Pony
  • 16 Granny's Helper
  • 17 Abraham Lincoln and His Dog
  • 18 Betsy's Visitor
  • 19 The Flag of our Country
  • 20 St. Cyril
  • 21 The Honest Woodman
  • 22 The King's Riddles
  • 23 Blessed Imelda
  • 24 The Robins
  • 25 Singing
  • 26 The Good Shepherd
  • 27 An Unselfish Man
  • 28 Trees
  • 29 Grandmother's Gift
  • 30 The Bell In the Market Place
  • 31 St. Teresa, The Little Flower
  • 32 A Good Play
  • 33 Wings and Wheels
  • 34 Mary's New Coat
  • 35 The Boy and the Sheep
  • 36 The Man with the Coconuts
  • 37 The Bag of Dust
  • 38 God's Outdoors

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