Women in Blue or Gray: True Stories from Both Sides of the American Civil War

by Jim Weiss-Narrator Author

The passion of the American Civil War comes alive as we look at pairs of remarkable, courageous and dedicated women from both sides of the Mason-Dixon line. These are true, thrilling stories that girls, boys and parents will find exciting and inspiring.


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Resource Type
Audio CD
Print Status
In Print
Suggested Grades
2nd - 12th
Geographical Setting
United States of America
Historical Setting
1850 - 1870
Greathall Productions


  • 1 Shouting Against the Wind: The Story of Sarah and Angelina Grimke
  • 2 Not Quite Like Anyone Else: The Story of Lottie and Ginnie Moon
  • 3 Turning the Tide: The Story of Anna Ella Carroll
  • 4 Lifesaver: The Story of Sallie Tompkins
  • 5 Appareled in Honor: The Story of Dr. Mary Edwards Walker
  • 6 They Call Her Moses: The Story of Harriet Tubman

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